Saturday, March 28, 2009

Few Days Away - No Willpower

Thursday morning I headed over to Oklahoma to spend the night with my parents. I love going to my parents, and love spending time with them, but when you get my family together it only leads to food. I'm British, and so is my family, and British people love to eat. When my parents cook a meal, it seems like they are feeding a whole army with the amount of food that they prepare. I wasn't as bad as I usually am, but not as good as I should of been either.

Thursday night, my dad cooked some steak and pork on the grill so that we could make pita sandwiches. I was really good when it came to the sandwiches. I ate the whole wheat pitas, only ate a small portion of meat on the sandwiches, and used fat free Ranch for the dressing. The problem came when my mom decided that sandwiches weren't enough - we had to make curly fries and corn to go with it. So my dad lubed up the corn with the normal mounds of butter and threw them on the grill, and my mom got the fryer ready to whip up a batch of curly fries. I did only eat a very small handful of the fries, but I did eat a piece of corn - which probably had as many calories as my whole entire meal. Friday night I did much better and only ate 3 ozs of turkey, a small portion of mashed potatoes, and a portion of green beans. I feel proud of myself for that at least.
My happiness was short lived, however, when I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and waffles that my fiance cooked keeping warm in the oven. I don't know about anyone else, but there is something about cold weather - especially snow - that makes me just want to curl up and spend the day munching away on the couch. I wasn't too bad - I didn't munch all day...but I hardly watched it either. I took a trip into town to pick up some milk and diapers for the baby- but ended up getting some eclairs and danish for the kids (yeah, right, for the kids..wink, wink). I just don't know what's wrong with me!!

Due to the fact that it's getting to the point where I'm binging only after a couple of days of trying my desperate attempt to lose weight - I've decided to try and get some professional help. I caught a couple of episodes of Ruby on the Style Network over the weekend, and it's about a morbidly obese woman who's trying to lose weight. She also looks at her weight problem as a food addiction, and she's put together a "team" of people to help her. She has a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a psychologist, and medical doctor - as well as family and friends - to help her win her battle. It seems to be working for her, so I've decided that Monday morning I'm going to see a nutrtionist. I'm really not having problems with exercising, it's just controlling my eating that I need help with. I guess we will see how that goes. I'm also going to visit with my psychology professor to see if she has any advice on what I can do. I guess I will let everyone know how that goes.

Oh, and as promised - here are the most recent photos of me (taken a couple of weeks ago):

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  1. Joanna, this is so awesome! I look forward to reading about your adventure! Goodluck!!



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