Friday, November 14, 2014

Day Fourteen: Thankful for Fridays


A saying that has how thankful I am for Fridays embedded right in to it.  It is Friday, and for that I am very thankful.  This week, anyway.  It's just been one of those weeks that I'll be glad it's over, and then I can recharge, rejuvenate, and reset myself in order to prepare for next week.

Fridays are such happy days in my classroom.  We wind down the week, review everything we've covered, and end the day out with a few snacks and some quiet reading.  A perfect combination after working so hard all week.  The kids are ready for it, and so am I.

So much has gone on this week, that it's hard for my head to process it all.  I've been a little sensitive and emotional and feeling a little deflated.  I hate weeks like that.  They don't happen very often, but there are just times where I feel like I can't do anything right, and I doubt everything I do and everything I am.

But, the cure for any of the times I've felt like that has been making it through to Friday.  Once I reach the end of the week, I can tell myself that I made it, I did what I was supposed to do, and that I just need to start all over on Monday and try harder at making next week a better week.

Despite some of the tough times I've had this week, there's also been some great moments.  Those are the moments I want to hold on to.

For example, hearing one of my kiddos, who has been having somewhat of a rough time lately, tell me after he made a 93% on a math paper (that I was very excited about) that it will be 100% next time.  YES!!

Hearing several of my kiddos tell me that they are doing extra activities on their spelling contract.  YES!!

Watching and listening to reading groups share connections they have to the story they're reading, and having deep, meaningful conversations about what they felt and saw while reading.  YES!!

During indoor recess time, being asked by students if they can read instead of play games or watch a movie.  YES!!

Having a kiddo who had a really rough week last week (hardly did any work and didn't do any homework), come to me, give me a hug, and thank me for being tough on him last week.  He told me he is going to keep working hard, and then ended with:  "Thanks for caring about me".  YES, YES, YES!!!!

And I could keep going.

There's always a list of awesome stuff happening in my classroom, and after a tough week it really helps to think about these things and remind myself why I do what I do:  For the kids.  It doesn't matter how horrible or upsetting a week can be, seeing those small moments happen in my classroom make EVERY second totally worth it.

The worst part is, there isn't any one or two specific things that made me feel so deflated and melancholy this week.  It's just been a collection of small things over the past few weeks that have collected and joined together to the point where I get a little teary and overwhelmed.

Reading constant bashing from people about teachers, being complained about, and reading or hearing remarks about what I could do differently in my classroom to make it better for the students that don't spend time in classrooms are all very emotionally draining.  I bring a lot of it on myself by allowing myself to read some of the junk written on social media sites or blogging sites, but some of it I can't avoid.  I know I'm not a perfect teacher, I know I have a lot of room for improvement, and I know that I make mistakes that I'll figure out and grow from.  I just don't need people blaming me or the profession of teaching for situations that are out of our control.  I don't like seeing teachers be spoken about as if they are lower than dirt and are completely insignificant.

Even though I know what I'm doing each and every day is valuable and important to the children I serve, it just blows my mind to see how teachers are perceived by a large group of parents and other adults.

But, I'm not getting off on another rant.  Today is Friday, and I'm going to let this week disappear and be forgotten about.  I'm going to shake off all the negativity I've experienced this week and chalk it up to a learning experience and as my friend Elsa would say "LET IT GO!"

So, I'm very thankful for Fridays.  For giving me an end to a tough week.  For allowing me a day to get excited about the weekend.  For helping me realize that I need to make this last day count just as much as I have the four days prior, maybe even more so.  Just because it's Friday doesn't mean it's "slack off" day.  It means it's reflection day.  A day I can see how much my kids have learned throughout the week, review what we've done, and OK...maybe have a good time as well.

Have a great Friday, everyone!!


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