Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Meltdown

There's something about holidays that make people run out, spend tons of money on food, and then sit around eating all weekend long. Memorial day is no exception to that rule. This year, however, even though I wasn't a total angel - I did behave much better than I have done for previous engagements.

This weekend turned into a family swap session between my house and my parents. They came over on Saturday for a barbeque, and I went to them on Sunday to spend the night and have dinner with them on Monday. Even though it rained on Saturday, I still made my dear fiance go out in the rain and cook -but I was in control of the food being prepared. We had the usual hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, etc. - but I also served salad. I ate more than I should have - but didn't totally overdo it. I went over my 1200 calorie limit, but not over the 1500 calorie maximum.

Sunday, before heading to my parents for the night, I kept my appointment with my "fitness coach" and did my 15 minute workout. Even though the workout wasn't as grueling as the one I had endured on Friday - it was still a strenuous workout with plenty of sweat. I love the fact that each of the 5 workouts focus on something different. My first workout was a cardio workout and Sunday was a core strength workout. My next scheduled workout is tonight - so I will doing that. I'm excited to see what my "coach" has instore for me tonight. I was so glad to see the weight on my progress chart down to 256lbs!! That's another 2lbs down - many, many more to go.

Anyways, back on subject, my parent's house was a willpower test when it comes to food, like it always is. My dad always feels the need to feed me, and I'm just to much of a pushover to decline. I did pay attention to what was being piled on to my plate for each meal, and was sure to limit how much of it I ate. I wouldn't be surpised, though, that I've gained a few pounds over the course of my stay - but that just means a more active workout tonight.

The picture above is of me and my mom - I see a skinner face on myself, but it may just be the angle of the camera..LOL

Till next time.

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