Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why the word DIE is in DIET!

After stepping into the shower yesterday, after a grueling workout - only to find out that I've gained 4 lbs - it occured to me that when someone came up with a word to describe the process of trying to lose's only fitting to use a word like DIE and finishing if off nicely with a T.

The rollercoaster ride of emotions that one partakes in when trying to lose weight can always be compared to the situation of dying. You watch what you eat, work out until you can barely move, only to find out that all of that hard work has gotten you 4 added pounds on the scale is a killer!! I also don't want to hear "well, muscle is heavier than fat - so when you work out, you gain weight cause the fat is turning into muscle". Blah to that!! When all the access fat is gone from my body, and then I start to see hard muscles developing -then I might be happy with that excuse, but don't feed me that line of crap now!

No wonder thousands of women fall off the wagon when they try dieting! I find a workout schedule that really puts my ass to work, sweat dripping off of me and every muscle in my body screaming for mercy - and I think, keep screaming muscles - cause until your lean and beautiful you're going to keep working! Then I jump on the scales and think - this is it, I've worked so hard, there's got to be a small improvement. Oh, no - congratualtions fat ass - you've just gained 4lbs!! Really? That's what I get to see? Come on - what else can I do except starve myself?

The positive note to this rant, though, is rather than running to the fridge to grab a quart of ice-cream to drown my sorrows - I ran to my salvation, this blog. I thought - don't waste the work you've done...just spill your guts about how miserable the weigh in made me feel. That's what I'm doing. I also started thinking of excuses...well, I'm drinking more water so obviously it's water weight...or it's just about that time of the month, so I must just be bloating.

I feel a sense of change in myself - even a 4lb gain can't take away from me. That's a plus. I've also decided that I'm not going to weigh myself every day I work out (like my Wii Fit tells me I should do) - but just weigh myself once a week. Then, hopefully, I will start to see a process of change. (one can only hope). I figure I'll start weighing myself on Sundays -which is the first day of my weekly workouts - so that's a good day to do it.

There's my post - a rant of the week, if you will - keep your fingers crossed that my next post will be better...till then. ;)

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  1. Yes. It is very discouraging to follow a meal plan, exercise and not see results.

    A few years ago my husband and I were following the South Beach diet and after two weeks he was a whole different person while I was still almost the same (changes were not visible but they were happening). Everybody kept complimenting him but not me. So, I did the unthinkable and started thinking "what for?".

    Also it did not help that when I weighed myself nothing was coming off but it was because I wasn't losing pounds but sizes and I should have appreciated that cause my clothes were looser from the boobs down, my waist, belly, etc.

    Now I regret having fallen down the wagon cause it has been VERY difficult to get back in again and now it's gonna be even more difficult because my gallbladder is screwed up and I cannot eat lots of things.

    Keep up the good work!


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