Monday, August 03, 2009

Day 43/44 Relapse Over

My last blog post is basically a glob of bologna!! This weekend I completely fell off the wagon - but I got a kick up the ass this evening that's gonna put me right back up on the horse tomorrow.

Saturday, I went out with my hubby and my best friend. We went and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Did I eat a salad?? NO!! I had a huge ass burger and onion rings!! Then I had the gaul to order a diet coke..WTF?? After that, we went to a club. Now, I haven't been out to a club in a really long time. This week has been a very stressful one, and I just wanted to let my hair down and enjoy myself. Well, I did - but I drank WAAAYYYY too much.

This morning, I was lucky that I had no gloomy hangover. I took my kids over to my mom's house to visit, have dinner. We had spaghetti. I ate way too much. I did no exercise. I felt like shit when I got home tonight.

I don't know what the hell happened to me. So, things have been a little stressful - but holy cow, I just took a nose dive into complete disaster!! So, let's get to my kick up the ass. It came from my mom. Now, don't think she gave me some inspirational talk about how I could lose the weight or anything like that...oh no...she muttered the words I needed to hear to get everything lined out "you'll never catch up to me"!! Can you believe that shit?? Now, my mom's not a tiny woman - she has what I call the "lollipop" figure. She was blessed with gloriously skinny legs, but from the ass up she's round. (Man, she would kill me if she saw this..LOL)

My mom weighs 220 lbs. That's only 29lbs smaller than when I started the challenge!! The way she said the words just sent this adreneline through my veins. My own mother challenging me to a weight war!! Well, I may have lost the battle this weekend...but I WILL win the war. :)

Till next time!

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