Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fat Guys Finish Last??

This has absolutely nothing to do with me - but I am a HUGE Gordan Ramsey fan, and watch Hell's Kitchen religiously. There is one guy on the show that I've felt a little sorry for - and I wanted to write this installment for him.

One of the contestants on the show is Robert - a 29 year old soux chef from New York. At first, I found him rather arrogant and annoying, but as the weeks have gone on - I've grown to like him, and at times feel sorry for him. Unlike the other fit and slender contestants on the show, Robert is about 400lbs. Almost everytime the men have won their challenges, Robert has somehow had to miss out due to his weight. The first prize the men won was a helicopter ride to an island off the coast of California - Robert was very unhappy when he learned that his weight was going to prevent him from having to ride on the chopper..but he was told he wasn't go to miss out on the fun, he would just have to take the ferry. The bad thing was, when Robert finally made it to the island, the day was over - and he had to get right back on the ferry and go back...I felt so bad for him. It's not the first time that Robert has had to suffer - but that's not the reason for this blog.

Anywho - so as I'm watching the show each week - I notice that the other contestants often make comments regarding Robert's weight and the inability it causes him to "stay up" with the competition. However, each week, despite his minor mistakes here and there, Robert has really pulled his weight (no pun intended..LOL) around the kitchen. I can't help but think, though, that Robert is going to end up getting cut due to his weight being a disadvantage for him. I'm not going to say that Robert is the most talented chef on the show - but I think he has just a good a chance at winning, except for his weight.

The whole thing got me off on my ponderous thoughts - and I thought to myself, when I go out and eat does appearance of the chef weigh on me at all (again, no pun intended). I will admit, the last thing I want to see is a woman/man cooking my food sweating all over it...but has weight ever really been a factor? Personally, I think being that he's so big - he obviously likes to that should be a good thing, right? I don't know - this whole blog was probably a pointless rant just to make the point that I hope that Robert's weight doesn't hurt him on the show.

Till next time. :)

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