Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Good, Bad, and Just Plain Crazy End to Skinny Bitches

I don't believe it, I actually read a whole dieting book - and did it in a day!! Unfortunately, finishing the book didn't give me any kind of motivation to run out and buy their other books - the complete opposite, in fact - but I will take away a few things from the read.

I will start out with the good - that's fair, right? Before I slam the book into the ground - I should start with giving them their "A" for effort award.

First, I finished the book. To this date, I have not made it past chapter 5 of ANY dieting book - and I have plenty. The information is given out in a way that is too the point, blunt, crudely languaged, and just the type to relate to me. It really helped that the book is small, and only 191 pages long. Most of the other books I own are in the 400's for pages...boring, and just too much.

The overall plan of the book makes sense. They look at overeating as an addiction - which connected with me. The overall theme of what you put in your body ends up on your body makes total sense. They urge their readers to check ingrediant labels, stay away from refined sugars, fats, etc. and try to stick to a diet full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

They push for a "one day at a time" approach - and "stay positive" attitude. Rather than thinking about being miserable over the next couple of weeks while trying to avoid the nasty foods - they urge people to take one day, and one meal at a time. Consiously think about everything that goes into a meal, a snack, and into the body. If you develop the mindset of "I can eat it if I want, but it's going to make me fatter" the results are more positive. As with all addictions, it's better to take it one day at a time - and if you stray off, even for one candy bar - mentally think of how that candy bar affected your ass (literally) and feel bad about it.

Ok - now for the bad, and just plain crazy part. The whole premise I had when I bought this book was that it was going to have a plain, be a guide, and help with losing weight. Well, that came in the last chapter of the book. Pretty much 10 of the 12 chapters was completely devoted on pushing veganism and an organic lifestyle and brainwashing meat eaters into making the change to a non-meat/non-dairy/organic lifestyle. It was ok to make the point in a chapter or two...but after 4 chapters of constant bashing of meat suppliers, the USDA, the FDA, the EPA, and every other type of association that promotes meat, dairy or any non-organic material - I really got quite bored. Ok, I get it, animals are treated inhumanly, there are tons of pesticides and other "evils" pumped into our foods...but I got it the first 8 times you said it. Did you really have to repeat yourselves that many times?

The book also had a few contradicitions that really didn't sit right with me. My favorite was when the authors point out that quite a chunk of global warming can be blamed on cows, pigs, chickens - well, animals that we eat - due to their waste and gases. They state that if we stopped eating the animals - the global warming problems associated with these animals will decrease. URM??? If I stop eating them - won't there be more gases and waste? To me, aren't I doing my part to help global warming by eating the animals that are causing these gases??? Makes sense to me - and it made sense when Ron White explained that bag of knowledge in his stand up routine. If we don't eat the animals - who will?? They will become over populated and end up running the world!! (Ok, that's exaggerated...but read the book!! There's some exaggeration that goes hand in hand with my statement!)

The other main one I had a problem with - "you can't be skinny if you're not a vegan". Ok, really? How many of you know the skinny bitch either at work, in your family, or some other place that can eat whatever the hell she wants and doesn't gain a pound? I do, I do. I also know a few vegans who are bigger than me! A little unfounded advice there, girls.

Ok - and here's the kicker that I loved...the last page of the book. After reading 12 chapters of "you can only be skinny if you do this" and "you're gonna be fat if you don't stop eating that" we come to a "p.s" page. The beginning sentence reads "Wait! We have a confession to make. We really couldn't care less about being skinny". What a nice way to end a book that's supposedly devoted to help women lose weight! They go on to explain that they "believe" if you adopt their lifestyle - you will lose weight, however the whole sense of the book is bascially to turn you into a vegan. NICE! If only I had read the last page before reading the whole book - I might of saved myself $13.95!

Ok - so overall - the book is a complete waste of money, unless you want to become a vegan. If you love meat and dairy, then stay away from this book. They do get very gross in their persuasion techniques - and seem to exhaust every possible aspect on trying to get you to convert...they even try to guilt you with your children for crying out loud!! HOWEVER, like I said in the beginning of this post - they do make sense on some levels, and their 1 friggin chapter devoted to helping with food addiction will be helpful in dealing with some of my issues...but I probably wouldn't of spent the $14 if I knew a head of time that I was only getting one chapter of good stuff out of the whole book. Really disappointed, but now on a mission to prove the "skinny bitches" wrong. I guess they did help me afterall, they empowered me to prove that you don't have to be a vegan to lose weight - and I'm NOT a bad person, mother, or wife for eating meat and dairy and feeding it to my family!

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  1. I think you got the whole reasoning behind animals and global warming wrong. its not about killing off all the animals but reducing the amount of meat we eat=reducing the amount of animals we have to keep and as a result a reduction in green house gases. there is also the fact that 80 percent of the grain that is grown is for feeding animals and not people. this leads to wasting of resources which cant be good for our environment.
    and so if you stop eating them, or reduce your consumption of them(which i think is quite healthy) then you are reducing the need to have more of them around.
    PSI love your blog.


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