Saturday, April 11, 2009

Skinny Bitch it is Then

So, this morning, before heading to my planned Easter festivities - I made a detour to Barnes & Noble and picked up the Skinny Bitch book that I mentioned in yesterday's post. I didn't crack the spine until I got home this evening - and I have to say, I read the first 3 chapters in no time. It's the most I've read of any dieting book!!

I was completely intrigued by the approach of the book, and the information that was spilling from the pages. These bitches (the authors) mean business - and they have no intention of being nice about getting the message across. Just what I need!

There's no long introductory bullshit about how to change your life, making good choices, blah, blah, blah - they go straight in for the kill from page 1 about giving up the shit that does NOT do the body good. The information they give is eye opening stuff - and I found myself saying "really? that does what to me?"

The authors of this book definately sound like people who believe in the body as being a temple - which isn't a bad thing. They are naturalists - and think that only organic, and vegetarian substances should be put into your body - but their information can definately be taken and tweaked to fit any lifestyle.

I'm going to read the book - take some notes - and see where I end up. You never know, this could be the one and only book in existence that could actually help. I will share their wisdom and stuff I find interesting over the next couple of days as I read the book...and see if it turns out to be my next plan of action.

Till next time....Happy Easter!!

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