Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being a Mother

Today is Mother's Day.  It's also one week since I've last written a blog post.  I had these amazing plans to write several posts throughout the week about my amazing trip to Kansas City.  Remember that?  That's what I said I was going to do.

Yet, here I am a week later, no posts.  Not a single one all week long.  And, you want to know why?  Because I have been too busy to write, too tired to get up earlier or stay up later. I have been, instead, using that time doing the thing I love doing even more than blogging:  Being a mother.

Today is the day that I, along with all the other amazing mothers in the country, get recognized for being moms.  Kids buy their moms cards and candy and flowers.  They may clean and cook and pamper their moms.  They tell their mothers how much they love and appreciate them.

And, today, I'm getting the one thing I wanted more than anything.  A day home with my kids, relaxing, not having a single thing to do other than just enjoying a day at home.

You see, when I think of being a mother, I picture my life.  As it is right now.  No time, being tired all the time, running here there and everywhere, spending every waking hour with them.  Baseball, T-ball, softball, carnivals, field trips, appointments.  Games, practices, meetings.  Dinner on the run, dinner in the car, homework and daily recaps as we're driving from one destination to the next.  Leaving as the sun is coming up and coming home well after the sun has gone done.

Yet, despite the busy, still knowing how the kids are doing in their classes, any issues they are having, fun conversations they had with their friends at recess or at lunch, contests they are competing in, listening to them practice and rehearse speeches and spelling bee words.  Not missing a minute of the action.
I don't know how many times I've complained about how tired I've been this past week.  Yet, the truth is, I wouldn't trade this fast paced lifestyle for anything.  I may not be getting home until after 10PM and then up and out at 6AM the next morning, but the hours in between are spent doing my most favorite things:  Being a mother and a teacher.  All day in the classroom, all evening at school or sport functions with my kids.

Today, I'm getting the day to relax and do nothing (except for 2 weeks worth of laundry that has piled up with us being gone so much), yet you want to hear something funny?  I'm bored out of my ever-lovin' mind.  I am already tired of sitting on the couch.  I'm tired of the kids being outside playing, cleaning up around the pool, or in their rooms enjoying their "alone time" playing video games.  I'm tired of doing nothing.  I want to be gone, doing something fun, or at least doing something besides sitting on the couch.

Funny, isn't it?  After spending every day on the go, wanting nothing more than to just have a day to rest and relax, after a couple of hours I'm ready to be on the go again.  Rest time can be over.  And, I guarantee after I'm back at it for a few days, I'll be asking for that day off once again.

But, honestly, I can't think of ANYTHING I'd rather do besides spend every waking minute with my children.  They give my life purpose.  They are my everything.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without them.

They keep me busy, they drive me nuts, they always seem to need or want something.  But, there's not a single thing about them that I would change.  There's not a single thing I can say about my kids that could ever explain how much I love them.  They have made me the person that I am, they have shaped and molded me in to the mother and teacher I have become, and I know that my life would not be as amazing as it is if they weren't apart of it.

So, today may be a day where I get to relax and soak up the attention given to me for being a mother.. but, in reality, it's my kids that deserve the recognition.  Because I wouldn't be a mother without them.

I love my children more than anything, and I'm honored, proud, and extremely thankful for the chance to show them how incredibly blessed I am to have them as my children.

Happy Mother's Day to me, indeed, because being the mother for my children is the most incredibly awesome job in the ENTIRE world.


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