Monday, May 19, 2014

Firsts and Lasts

This is my first post I've written in well over a week.  I know that my blogging days seem to be on the way out, but I assure you that I'm just going through a little down time.  I'm not quitting or giving up.  You haven't heard the last of me.  I'm just taking a little sabbatical.  Posting when I feel the urge to write, rather than forcing myself to write each day.

Today marks the last Monday of the school year, and the first day of the last week.  This is it.  Our last day is Friday, and then the summer begins.  To say that I'm ready would be an understatement.  I'm beyond ready.  Not because I want the year to be over, but because I'm just ready for a rest.  A break.  A shut down from being so busy ALL of the time.  Yet, even with school ending, that doesn't mean the crazy is stopping.  It just means I go from teaching school and doing all the extra activities to teaching summer school and doing all the crazy activities.  But, summer school is a lot less stressful, so it will be somewhat better.

But, back to this week.

This week, my first daughter will also participate in her first (and only) 8th grade promotion.  Yep, I have a kid moving up in to high school.  It just doesn't seem real.  In a few short days, I'll have a kid that's a freshman in high school.

Friday will be the last day she rides and stays at school with me.  I'll no longer be able to walk down the hallway at lunchtime to say hi, or go visit her in one of her classes, or have her show up in my classroom to tell me about something exciting or a problem she's having or that she needs money.

And knowing that dang near breaks my heart.  It will be so weird not having her there.

It's probably the reason that I've been in tears at the sheer mention of Thursday's promotion ceremony.  The night she "graduates" from 8th grade in to high school.  All of the 8th graders will dress up, put on a graduation gown, and walk across the stage and receive their 8th grade "diploma".

Yet it's that and so much more for my Peanut.  Not only is she graduating, but she's the one giving the commencement speech.  Something neither of us thought was ever going to happen.  It's something she's dreamed about, but just thought that because she's only been in the school 2 years, she wouldn't be eligible to do something like giving the speech.  She's not the valedictorian.  It doesn't work that way.  Up until last year, the child with the highest grade point average gave the commencement speech, but it was changed this year.

This year, the kids had the opportunity to "try out" for the honor.  In doing so, the kids wrote their speeches and submitted them anonymously.   They were then read and judged by the Jr. High teachers.  Peanut's speech was picked as the winner.

So, she will be giving her first public speech.

I guarantee it definitely won't be her last.

Not only that, but she is also singing a song with a friend that will be the class's "graduation song".  She'll stand up on that podium, after giving her speech, and sing.  Something she's only done once before in her life, and that was two days ago at the school's annual talent show.

So, as you can see, 8th grade promotion is going to be quite the special event for Peanut.  And I can't wait!!

Yesterday, I took her out to buy her a new dress and shoes for the special night.  And, what she picked out were absolutely stunning.  Her beauty in that dress and those heels took my breath away.  I mean, my daughter is amazingly beautiful, but she looked so grown up.  As she walked out of the dressing room in the dress she will wear Thursday night, tears instantly sprung to my eyes.  Could that be my sweet, little Peanut standing in front of me?

Yes.  Yes it was.  Except she's definitely not so little anymore.

But, she's not the only one that will be taking part in a special graduation ceremony this week. My first child and my last child are both graduating on Thursday.  Peanut from 8th grade and Jelly from kindergarten.  Yep, my youngest child is now moving in to 1st grade.  She's growing up so fast.  It's bittersweet knowing that the first year of school is officially over for my last child.

Where is all the time going?

There's just four more years left until my oldest graduates high school, five years for my second child, and thankfully I still have twelve years left for Jelly.  That still sounds like a lot of time, so that makes me feel somewhat better.

But, right now, it's the last few minutes before I have to go and get ready for work.  I won't actually be in the classroom today.  Instead, I'll be attending a common core training.  I'm not sure how I feel about being away from my class on the last Monday.  I mean, I never like being gone, but I really don't like being gone during the last week of school.  The kids are riled up, excited, a little crazy.  I just like to be there to help control the crazy a little, but it is what it is and I'm sure I'll learn a lot today.

Well, I have to admit that it felt good getting to write this morning.  I've missed my morning time.  My alone time.  My destress time.  I'm excited about jumping back in to blogging mode once school gets out and life starts slowing down a little.

But, I have plenty of firsts and lasts to get through this week before that can happen.

Which starts right now...

Have a great Monday, everyone!!


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