Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jam Packed First Couple of Weeks


The minute my butt started driving home from work on Friday, I started feeling the pangs of "Summer Fever".  Meaning, I started thinking to myself "Self, we have off seven weeks, what are we going to do to make sure we have fun?"  And, that's when I made the very quick decision to start buying tickets and booking a mini-vacation.

I got my check for working summer school on Friday, which was awesome because that meant I had the money to do something a little crazy.  Like buy season passes to Silver Dollar City.  Figured I might as well, a one day trip costs $60 per person, a season pass (bought at my bank) cost $77.  Kind of a no brainer.  Why not pay an extra $17 and have the freedom to go back any time I want between now and December 30th?

I ended up buying four adult passes and one child pass (Peanut and Butter are technically considered "adults" when it comes to theme parks).  Hubby probably won't go with us, except for the Christmas trip, so that means we can always take one extra person with us if we want to.  But, five passes only cost me $429.  And I know that sounds a lot, but we have already started planning several trips... so even if we only go three or four times over the course of the season, we'll still be saving around $600!

But, not only that, when you buy season passes you also get a book full of coupons for other places in Branson.  Now, I'm not really interested in doing a whole bunch of the "touristy" things in Branson, but there were several coupons for restaurants, so they'll probably get used.  And while looking at a website for one of the places listed in the coupon book, I saw a deal I just couldn't pass up.

There's a resort in Branson that has an indoor water park called Grand Country.  They are offering an AMAZING deal right now on a mini-vacation.  So, in my best "sales pitch" voice, let me tell you what the package contains...

- Two nights stay at the resort
- Indoor water park passes
- Tickets to TWO shows of your choice (for the whole family)
- 18 holes of Black Light or Farm Mini-Golf
- 2 Large pizzas
- $10 Game card for the arcade

That's a lot of stuff, so how much do you think that would all cost?  $400, $500 maybe?  

NOPE.  I got the whole package for $298.  How many of you are thinking about the time-share sales pitch that will probably go along with it?  You all know what I'm talking about.  I've received tons of those calls offering me packages just like this one, for a similar price, and all you have to do is sit through an easy 90 minute time share presentation.  But, the best part about this package? I don't have to attend a time-share sales pitch in order to get it.  ANYONE can get it.  Right now.  On their website.

And do you want to see the breakdown/ savings?  Oh, sure you do...

 - Two nights stay?  $220 (that's starting price)
 - Indoor water park passes (for the whole family)? $10 per person so $40 for us
- Tickets to TWO shows? $67 for family pass to EACH show.. $134
- 18 holes of golf? $9 per person 13+ and $8 for 12 and under...$35
- Two large pizzas? Let's just say around $20
 - $10 game card?  Well...duh.. $10

Grand total....$459!!

That means, I'll be saving $161 buying the package.  DONE!!

And, no folks, nobody is paying me to write this (why not, I don't know).  I'm just one of those people that gets so excited when I stumble across great deals like this I just have to share them with everyone. Seriously, though, I should really start looking in to writing PAID advertisements.  I think I'm pretty freakin' good at it.

We're going to take our little mini-vacation within the next couple of weeks.  So, that's got us covered for the first few weeks... then I'll only have four more weeks to fill with activities.  

But, there will be plenty to do like movies, swimming, laying around the house doing nothing... ah, pure summer bliss!!

I'm really so excited about this summer.  It's going to be GREAT!!


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