Friday, June 06, 2014

Just My Daily Ramble

This morning, as I was driving the kids to summer school, the sun was shining and the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  Now, a mere hour later, the sky has been covered with dark clouds.  More rain is moving in.  Again.

It's been one pretty wet week 'round these parts.  My dream and desire to spend the week in the pool hasn't played out at all.  But, thank goodness for covered patios!!!

Since our ball season started, there have been A LOT of games cancelled due to rain.  I have a feeling Jelly's game tonight will be heading for the same fate, as well as all three kids' games tomorrow.

Oh well.  Can't really complain.  We need the rain.  It's helped make everything grow like CRAZY.  My little back yard is completely green...with weeds. But, I'm not flower racist.  I think weeds are/can be just as nice as some other flowers.  They are alive, which is more than I can say about anything else I've ever tried to grow.  My rose bush is looking pretty nice, and as long as the weeds don't start hurting my roses, they might as well stay.  

Yeah, yeah, so the real reason they are still there is because I can't tell the difference between weeds and actual flowers.  I planted seeds back in April, so I don't know if weeds are just taking over the garden, or if actual flowers are sprouting.  I guess I'll know eventually.  If they bloom flowers, they stay.  If they just continue to grow as green leaves, they may have to go. 

My poor front and back yards could also do with a good mow.  The grass is a couple of inches long, and I know it won't be long before I'm seeing a nice yellow ticket waiting for me on the front door "reminding" me that I need to keep my lawn looking nice in order to occupy my home...and not paying a hefty fine.  Gotta love city living!  HA!  I would do it myself, but my allergies are bad enough without making it worse by cutting grass.  I'm allergic to the stuff.  But, even being allergic, I don't like driving down my street and seeing all the freshly cut, neat lawns, and then driving to my yard that looks like someone has forgotten all about it.  It's getting to the point where it's so bad, I've got little mice committing suicide in my pool!!  It sure must be a jungle out there for them.  

Hubby really needs to get on it, once this round of rain has passed through again.  I can't bare the sight of animals that have decided to end it, because they just can't find their way back home.

I've decided that, being today is the last workday I'm off work for three weeks, I better get my caboose off the patio and take my car in for a service.  It's overdue.  Shocker, right?  I mean, who has time to take their car in every 3000 miles for an oil change?  Especially when they are only open during the week and until noon on Saturday.  I've tried going in on a Saturday... it doesn't work, because every other person that works normal business hours is trying to do the same thing I'm doing.  And ain't nobody got time to spend four hours at a car dealership waiting for an oil change.

While I've enjoyed spending so much time at home doing absolutely nothing, the thought of getting out of the house for a while (that doesn't involve taking kids or picking them up) is becoming very appealing.  I've even decided that I'm going to get out this weekend and go play some bingo.  That's another one of my activities that is well overdue.  It can rain all it wants to, that way, and it can't ruin my plans.  

Monday, I finally go back to work for three weeks to teach summer school.  The first couple of days will be spent teaching the Jr. High kids, and then I switch over to my regular assignment of teaching 4th and 5th graders.  And, I'll admit right now, that I'm a nervous wreck about having to teach Jr. High.  Last year, I had an absolute BLAST working with the older kids.  We had so much fun each and every day.  What's different about this year?  The kids are.  Big time.  I don't know what the deal is, but I spent one day with the older kids last week, and I was ready to get the heck out of dodge.  They were disrespectful, rude, and couldn't give a flying toot about what I was talking about.  They were much more interested in their electronics, each other, and themselves.  I am a firm believer in giving respect where respect is given, and I have a strong feeling I'll be fighting tooth and nail for any of that next week.  

It's sad, really.  The kids aren't "bad kids".  They are just a very self-centered bunch.  Already obsessed with boy and girlfriends, who's saying what on Facebook, what Snapchat has just been sent out, and what group is picking a fight with another group.  Their idea of summer break isn't sitting in a classroom listening to lessons on the Civil War or reading a novel or learning about robots or even playing Minecraft (if there's actual lessons involved).  That's why, last year, I went out of my way to make the activities I did as enjoyable as I could.  But, this year?  I just don't know how I'll compete with  the white headphones.  Even after demanding that they be removed, I then get to compete with eye rolls and huffs and puffs of agitation that I even suggest they pay more attention to me than who's "liking" their status of : "Thiz techr be so lame! Who carz bout war stuffs?  Redy for swimn on da riva with my n***as" on Facebook! Luckily, I only have to do it for two days before I can go back to my "comfort zone".

For the younger kids, I've been given PE in the morning and I'll be teaching Minecraft in the afternoon.  And, I honestly think I was given the easiest assignments available.  I plan on being nice and active with my kiddos all morning long, playing basketball or volleyball or kickball.  Then, when the temps have been turned up, I'll be spending the afternoons showing kids how they can create, build, and survive a virtual world that they design all by themselves.  

I actually, truly, 100% believe that if our government would spend a few afternoons a week watching 4th and 5th graders working together in developing their own nation, they'd learn so much.  Kids.. 9, 10, and 11 year olds, sometimes do a better job of feeding, protecting, and caring for their "citizens" than some of our government officials ever will.  

And, really, that message goes to anyone that feels that spending 30 minutes a day playing a "video game" has no real educational value.  What some parents and teachers try teaching their kiddos about good citizenship, collaboration, and values for YEARS can be accomplished in a few weeks of playing Minecraft.  Twenty plus kids start out working completely alone, but they soon realize (without ANY coaxing from me) that a job is easier when tackling it with others than it ever will be trying to do it alone.  

OK, well I've probably rambled on quite long enough for one day.  Time for me to get in gear and get something done.

Have a great Friday!!


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