Sunday, June 01, 2014

Now That's How to Kick Off Summer!!

That's a picture of the ball park where my kids play summer ball.  At 8:30 on Saturday morning.  Isn't it beautiful?  Hardly a cloud in the sky, fresh cut grass, and cleanly grated dirt.  Everything was so quiet and calm, and it made me realize that it was going to be a great day.  A day where we could soak in that summer really has started, and we were going to have some fun in the sun.

The day got underway with Butter playing the first game of the day.  The parents bustled in to the bleachers and cheered on their boys as they played a hard game.  Here's Butter going up to bat:

He loves baseball, and I'm so glad he does.  He enjoyed playing football, when he played, but I really think this boy has taken a shine to baseball and it's going to be something he sticks with in the coming years.  I love watching baseball, so I'm happy about that.

Before Butter's game was over, Jelly also had a game.  In a completely different town.  Thankfully, her coach was willing to take her for me.  Sometimes it's going to happen that all three of my kids, who play for three different teams are playing in three different towns around the same time.  It calls for a lot of planning and preparing to make sure that all kids get to where they need to be on time, and figuring out who I'm going to be watching so that I give each kid the same amount of time.  The only one that gets me at EVERY single game is Peanut, and that's because I'm her coach and don't really have any other choice in the matter.  Butter and Jelly have to share me in the event that they are playing games at the same time.  So, Jelly went off with her coach to play her game.

After Butter's game was over, it was my team's turn to play.  We had to go to yet another town.  My girls (including Peanut) played a hard game and ended up losing by one run.  That's actually a huge victory for us, because we've lost all of our game so far, by pretty significant leads.  It didn't help that we were down three players.  I only have one pitcher, right now, and so it makes it tough when she has to pitch the entire game.  She gets tired, and so towards the end of the game, things can get even harder on us.  I am so proud of how the girls played, yesterday, and I'm ready for our next game on Tuesday.

Once all the ball game fun was over, it was home for a quick shower and change so that we could head out for the end of school year party that was being hosted by one of the teachers from our school.

Some schools have an end of the year party by having a potluck on the last day of school, or maybe going out to a restaurant, but our school?  We spend the entire afternoon/evening out on the lake having an absolute BLAST.

One of the teachers is lucky enough (and I'm very jealous) to have a lake front home.  In fact, here's the view from his back patio:

It was stunning.  The lake right at his back door, equipped with boat dock, diving board, and personal yacht. Unfortunately, those clouds are exactly what they look like:  rain clouds.  Do you think that stopped us from having a blast?  Heck no!

The kids wasted no time getting in to their swimming gear and jumping in to the boat to take a cruise around the lake.  While the kids were gone, I was fixed up with a little cocktail and then sat around with everyone having a great chat.  Good times were being had by all...

All three of my kids got to have their first experience riding on a boat, Butter and Jelly had their first experience riding on a jet ski, and all three kids found out what it's like to jump off of a diving board in to a lake.  I definitely have three water babies, that's for sure.  I don't feel near as nervous for Jelly to swim in the 8ft end of our pool after watching her swim around in an open lake.

We sat outside and enjoyed each other's company until close to 10PM.  I had laughed so hard I almost cried.  It was amazing to get to spend time with my co-workers outside the confinement of the school building.  One thing I learned is that I work with people who definitely know how to have fun and let their hair down, and that they are just as amazing outside of work as they are inside of it.  Maybe a little more so?  Just kidding.  Maybe.  Finally, thinking about the hour drive I had to make home, I figured it was best to call it a night.  

Little Jelly was asleep before we ever made it off their road, Butter was asleep before we ever made it on to the highway, and Peanut stayed awake to keep me company and awake for our long drive home. I think both of us were alseep before our heads hit the pillow once we did make it home, though.

It was such a great way to spend a Saturday. 

Yesterday, I had to spend the day recouperating, because sitting outside most of the day did a number on my allergies.  I had a headache ALL day long from the coughing and wheezing I did while I was out and about.  Next time, I'm definitely going to make sure I take my inhaler with me. That might have saved me from the pain, yesterday.

Now, I'm on to a new week, new activties, and a new blog post....


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