Saturday, January 04, 2014

Girls' Day Out....Times Two!!


My new year's resolutions got off to a good start yesterday, when I spent the day with my mom and Peanut enjoying a Girls' Day Out.  

If you remember, I made the resolution that I'd spend more time with my extended family.  Meaning my parents and P-Momma.  Yesterday, I managed to spend time with my mom AND P-Momma in the same day.  Talk about committed to the cause, right?

It started off with my dad bringing my mom to me around 10AM yesterday morning.  She still can't drive due to recovering from her surgery, so my dad drove her to me and while he was there he took Butter home with him.  That way, Butter could spend some time with my dad and my brother doing all those "manly" outdoor things they like to do around my brother's little farm.  

Hubby was keeping Jelly with him, and they had planned a day of video game wars while Peanut and I were gone.

After spending a little time just chatting in my living room, us three girls decided to head straight for lunch.  Peanut got to pick, and surprise, surprise, she chose Chinese food.  The girl loves that stuff.  But, so does my mom and I so we didn't mind.

We had a great lunch.  We talked and laughed and ate.  Then, it was time to start our little shopping excursion.  Peanut was in charge of that navigation, because she wanted to spend some of her Christmas money.  My mom and I were supposed to be just along for the ride... but you know how that always goes.

Our first stop was to Gordman's.  Haven't been there in a while.  But, the good thing about going the week after New Year's is the sale they always have.  They have HUGE discounts on their winter stuff... and I mean like 50-75% off almost everything.  I fully expected Peanut to dive in to the clothing racks and hunt out some bargains...but she didn't.  It was Mom and me going through the shelves full of Christmas gift sets that had been slashed in price.  

Mom and I found a few goodies, but then she started to feel the effects of being on her feet for so long.  It doesn't take much to tire Mom out at the moment...which is understandable.  She had 1/3rd of her lung removed..she's still getting accustomed to her limits.  So, we decided to pay for our small treasures and head out.

Once we got out to the car, I realized that we were only a short drive to P-Momma's house.  I gave her a quick call and we were on our way.  

One thing I am very happy about is the fact that my mom and P-Momma get along.  They know each other.  They have a relationship that I would liken to other in-laws.  They have been together and got to know each other through major life events, milestones, and family celebrations.  P-Momma knows what't going on with my mom, because I tell her everything.  So, it was really nice to have a visit with all us gals together.

We drank some coffee, we chatted, we laughed, Mom rested.  And then it was time to hit the streets again for some more shopping... this time somewhere my mom could get a ride-on cart, so she wouldn't be so tired.

For the next two hours, we shopped until we dropped.  I spent WAY more money than I had originally intended, my mom spent way more money than she had originally intended, and the one person who was supposed to be shopping hardly bought anything.  Figures.

We finally made our way home with all of our loot around 5PM.  Just in time for dinner that Hubby had cooked while we were gone.  We all enjoyed a nice dinner around the table, and then after dinner it was an evening full of board games.

Around 9PM, my mom decided she should probably think about getting home.  Peanut and Jelly both wanted to go with me, so we made the drive to Oklahoma to take my mom home. On the way home, Peanut decided she wanted to stop off at Walmart and pick up a few things.  So, there we were, all four girls walking around Walmart at 10PM doing some shopping.  

We finally made it home around 11:30PM.  Jelly was WAY overdue for being ready for bed, so I promptly got her all tucked in.  Peanut decided she wanted to play on her PS3 for a while.  Hubby and I curled up in front of the TV for a couple of hours.

I really need to stop staying up until 2AM... I have to go back to work on Monday morning!!

Anywho, it was a great day.  Peanut said she really enjoyed herself, and I concur.  It was an awesome day, and hopefully the first of many.  It was nice to get my mom away from the hustle and bustle of her house and spend some quality alone time with her.  It was nice to get an impromptu visit with P-Momma.  Just an all around, fantastic day.

It was such a good day, that Peanut has decided that we need to do another Girls' Day today...this time just being her, me, and Jelly.  

This afternoon we are going to go and watch Frozen at the movie theater.  Peanut and I have already seen it, but Jelly hasn't.  We figured it would be a movie Jelly would definitely enjoy, and Peanut and I really want to see it again.

Before the movies, Peanut and Jelly are going to make a chocolate gingerbread house.  Peanut bought it yesterday while we were perusing some of the Christmas clearance stuff.  She thought it would be a great activity for her to do with her little sister.  Such a sweetheart.  

After the movie, we are going to grab a couple of pizzas to bring home and then watch another movie or play some games or do something else together.  

If this is a precursor to how my new year is going to be spent, then it's A-OK with me!!  Fun days, doing fun stuff together.  That's what the focus of 2014 is all about for me.  

But, before I can think about going to the movies I really need to finish up some laundry, and get to entering the grades I need to get entered.  Which first means grading the papers I brought home to grade.  You're not surprised, are you?  I've been off work for two weeks, so it's only fitting that I wait until two days before I go back to start on the work I brought home.  The procrastinator in me just won't die.  

Although, we're under a winter weather advisory right now for winter weather heading our way.  The reports all say we're only going to get a dusting, maybe an inch of snow... so I don't think it will be enough to cancel school on Monday.  But, you never know what's going to happen with the weather around here.  What we do know is we're going to have Alaska like temperatures for the next couple of days, however.  

Tonight, the temperature is going to drop down to around 17 degrees.  The HIGH for tomorrow is 19 degrees!! The LOW is 2! TWO!!  The HIGH for Monday is 12 degrees.  TWELVE!!  Are you kidding me? That's snot forming instant icicle weather!  

I said I like cold weather, so I guess I'm getting exactly what I asked for.

But, that's for another post some other time...

Right now, it's work time.


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