Monday, January 13, 2014

Time for a Second Job?


Well?  What do you think?  And in case you didn't know, the one on the left is a picture of a crochet pattern I bought and the one on the right is my first attempt at making it.  Think I got pretty close?

I think I NAILED it!!

I am so proud of that scarf/cowl.  Probably one of my biggest crocheting accomplishments to date.  And it all came about by one of my friends posting that picture on the left on my Facebook page asking me if I'll make it.

Over the past three weeks, I have been a crocheting machine.  Trying new things, perfecting older things, and even making up my own patterns.  It's all been for fun, but I've had several people ask me to make them stuff and it's really got me thinking that it's time I branch out and start selling my work.

The same friend that requested the scarf also suggested an Etsy store.  Which is something I may look in to, but I'm thinking that to start out, I'm just going to create a Facebook page and see where that goes.

I've definitely weighed all the pros and cons that goes along with something like a side crochet business.  The biggest pro is the fact that I could make a few extra bucks doing something I enjoy doing.  The biggest con is the fact that if orders do start coming in pretty fast, will I be able to find the time to complete them all in a timely manner.

And I think that's what ultimately led me to starting up a Facebook page.  At least I can post how long an order could take, what I'm working on, and sell stuff I've pre-made in the interim.  I also think that just going with a Facebook page to start would limit my workload...because it takes some time before a Facebook business page starts getting some pretty decent hits.  I can start out with sending it to my friends, and then asking them to post it to their friends.  Get going by word of mouth.

I even dabbled with the idea of starting a crocheting blog, but then I thought.. I've already got two blogs that I keep up with, do I really time for a third? And, would I really be able to write some interesting stuff about the crochet projects I'm working on?  And the answer to both was, probably not.

So, I'm just going to start with the Facebook page.  Which I hope to have done sometime this morning or this evening, and then I'll post a link on tomorrow's blog... so everyone that reads this can visit that page and pass it on to all their friends.  HA!

I did manage to complete the other boot I posted the other day.  Here's the completed pair of the first boots I've ever been able to successfully make...


I have decided to try and make a pair using a loop stitch, that would create a fake fur effect.  But, that's when I don't have anything else going on.  I have already received an order for two more of the scarves shown up top, so that will keep me busy for a few days.

I'm kinda kicking myself that I didn't start the Facebook page about three weeks ago, you know, when I had all that time off work.  But, being that I don't have the best history with sticking with my crocheting long term, I really wanted to get a start on making some stuff and seeing how I felt about continuing once I did go back to work.  And, I have to say that for the first time ever, I see me continuing my crocheting well past the winter months.  I see it as something I'll be doing each and every evening when I get home from work and each and every weekend when I'm not busy with other stuff.

Besides, like I said yesterday, I have  feeling that our snow days aren't completely finished.  Being that we've had two weeks of snow days already, and we usually don't start getting our snow until January/February, I think I might have some more snow days to keep myself occupied with. 

But, today is definitely NOT a snow day.  In fact, we are supposed to see temps get up in to the 50s again.  Yesterday, the temps managed to get in to the 60s!!  I was out about about and shorts and a t-shirts.  Which is crazy, because just one week earlier, the wind chills were in the negative numbers and we were dealing with record breaking low temperatures.  

That's how the weather is around here, though.  Forget life being like a box of chocolates.. around here, it's more like the weather is like a box of chocolates.  You just never know what you're going to get.  And, you can't always find out from the weather channel, cause most of the time that app that I use is sometimes WAY off from what actually happens.

Like I shared yesterday, I'm very excited to get back to it.  I got some new clothes for myself over the break, and I'm ready to put them on and get back in to "teacher mode".  Living in sweats for three weeks has made me fatter and lazier.  I need to move.  I need to interact.  I need life outside the confines of my home.  

And today is that day!

So, now, I can get back to blogging about something that might actually be worth reading.  It won't or shouldn't be the same humdrum each and every day.  Being at work ALWAYS gives me stuff to write about... so that's a big bonus for getting back.

Which it's just about time for me start getting ready to do.

Have an awesome Monday, everyone!!


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  1. I think your scarf looks better! Good luck with the business. Can't wait to check out the fb page.


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