Thursday, January 09, 2014

Something Productive Came Out of My Time Off


That, my friends, is a (not very good) picture of a crocheted baby boot that I made last night.  I haven't started the other one yet, plan to today being that we are on Day 4 of our Christmas break extension.  But, this one boot is an EXTREMELY big deal to me.

I started crocheting about 12 years ago. I know it wasn't long after Butter was born.  I was living in Texas with my ex's dad and step-mother.  She was a crocheter, and the person that got me first started.  She tried really hard to teach me, but being that I'm left handed and she was right handed, it didn't go so well.  So, instead, I bought a beginner's crocheting book and taught myself.  I started off with basic squares, just getting the stitches all down, and then started spreading my wings in to the crocheting world.

Over the past twelve years, I've made countless afghans, baby blankets, hats, scarves, headbands, fingerless gloves, baby mittens, and even beard-like face warmers.  I've very rarely encountered a pattern I couldn't make.

Except one.

And that would be boots.  

I have made one pair of boots in the past twelve years... and I really shouldn't call them that.  They were "bootish".  They most definitely didn't match.  They didn't stand up.  And I would say they were socks...uneven, badly made socks... at best.

I know the reason I've had so much trouble with making baby boots.  And that's because they have to be made with extreme precision and perfection.  One too many stitches, one stitch missing, one minor miscount and the whole thing will collapse. Plus, the stitches are all so tightly made, it's really hard to count the stitches or notice any mistakes until you're halfway in and then have to undo the whole thing because you have no idea where the mistake was.  

The past few days, I've been a crocheting machine.  I've made several hats and several headbands.  Last night, I even made a beard for a guy to wear over their face to keep their face warm.  I was honestly getting a little tired of making the same old stuff.  So, I decided to have another crack at the dreaded, adorable boot pattern I've been saving and dying to master.

And, after about an hour... and only having to take a few stitches apart here and there... I had this tiny, adorable gem in my hand.  

It's absolutely perfect.  From the faux heel, to the foot covering, to the boot top... perfection.  Absolutely matching the picture I had to compare it to.  

I could have cried.  All those years of trying more times than I can even remember to make one, tiny little thing like a pair of boots, and I'm 50% of the way there.  Which is 49% further than I've gotten in all those years.

Today, I will make the match.  And once I've got that out of the way, there will be no stopping me.  I'll be opening my own Crochet Payless before you know it.  Baby boots, toddler boots, adult boots (slippers that look like boots anyway), Mary-Jane look-a-likes, Croc look-a-likes, cowgirl boots, tennis shoe look-a-likes...the shoe look-a-like business will be mine for the taking.

Because, I know that the boot is the hardest of them all.  Master the boot, and the rest are easy. Or should be.  

I have a couple of babies that I know are going to be born this upcoming year, so I really want to make full sets to give to them:  Hat, mittens, boots, and blankets that all match.  Ugg-style boots for girls, tennis shoe style for boys.  I just have to wait and see what style I'll need.  But, the whole set will be the perfect baby shower gift.  

And now, I can actually do it.  

Before trying the boot, I knocked these out yesterday...



I've made so many hats, I can knock them out in no time.  And, I'm coming up with my own patterns for them.  The same way with scarves.  But, now that I'm on to the boots... I'm sure they'll be my focus moving forward for a while.

I'm betting that this will be the last snow day we get.  It's just supposed to be rainy and miserable today, but the temps are supposed to be high enough to do some serious melting.  Then, I'll get to go back for one day and get the weekend off.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to make the kids do for one day.  Not really worth starting brand new units on a Friday.  I guess it will give me a day to hear all about their Christmas breaks, have them do some writing about it, maybe.  Plus, I'll have the chance to review some of the stuff we covered before the break.  So, it won't be too bad, I suppose.

But, right now, I've got to get back to my crocheting.  I'm bound and determined to finish up this pair of boots.  My first pair of boots.  And then let the fun of new creations start coming forth!

Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!!!


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