Saturday, February 22, 2014

Great Night to Drop It Like It's Hot!


Last night was the much anticipated 7th & 8th grade Winter Formal.  A night of dancing, fun, and dressing up.

And wouldn't you know, Mother of the Year here didn't take a SINGLE picture of the whole night.  Which, I am now kicking myself over... but I didn't want to carry a phone around with me all night.  I was more focused on dancing and having a good time with the kids.

Thankfully, I had some people take some photos for me.. but I haven't gotten the pictures yet, so this picture of Butter and I is all I have for the time being.

Doesn't he look handsome?  He's growing up so fast. *sniff*

I'm sad that I don't have a picture of Peanut to share.  She looked BEAUTIFUL.  She had the most beautiful pink and black dress, her hair was curled, and she looked stunning.  But, I will definitely share the pictures when I get them.

The dance was supposed to be a Valentine's Dance, but because of all the nasty weather we had, we had to postpone the dance to a week later.  But, we still went ahead and decorated with a Valentine's theme.  There were heart decorations everywhere, and the cafeteria was set up with a chocolate fountain complete with strawberries and marshmallows for dipping.  There was also punch served.  

I spent the evening doing what I do... dancing.  I was given the pleasure of chaperoning the dance floor.. and that's EXACTLY where I want to be during a dance.  I shook my tail feathers all night long.

I went with a knee length dress, which probably wasn't the best idea being that I'm not very "girly" at all.  When I dance, I really do like to move it, move it.. and ended up spending a good amount of time pulling my dress down so not to reveal anything.  Thankfully, I was smart enough to wear a pair of bike shorts under the dress, so there wasn't anything to worry about in the "accidental reveal" department.

The kids all had an amazing time.  They danced, they laughed, and the night ended with everyone happy that they'd attended.  

When I got home at 11PM last night, I was absolutely EXHAUSTED!! I think I was asleep by 11:15PM.

This morning, I got up and felt the aches and pains that come from an evening of dancing.  I must be getting too old to do what I did last night, because my legs hurt, my back hurts, and my shoulders hurt.  Not sure why my shoulders hurt... didn't exactly raise my arms or lift anything heavy.. but whatevs.

Today, I'm going to get out of the house for a while and do some shopping with E.  We are both in desperate need of some alone time... away from the kids and the crazy that has been our week.  It'll be great to chat, laugh, and shop without being at work.

And because of that, I have to cut today's post short so that I can go and get ready.  

I'll share more tomorrow..



  1. What we have discovered???? We are so NOT shoppers.... more like sit around and talkers!


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