Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Believe in Angels


Angel (noun): (1) A spiritual being appearing in human form to offer guidance and to "watch over" the living beings of earth.  (2) Someone with high virtue or conduct.  (3) A messenger of God, often appearing with wings and bright light.  

Have you ever met an angel?  

I'm not talking about the word used to describe someone that appears to be helpful, or loving, or amazingly kind.  I'm not talking about those people.  

I'm talking about REAL angels.  Someone who you know that doesn't appear to be completely human, to have some kind of special powers, and that you know was sent to you for a reason.  A purpose.  To spread light and goodness around you, and surround you with a warming presence that calms the soul.  Helps you see the light in dark situations.  Helps you find good in the bad.  Helps you understand deeper meaning to life, and to give meaning to tough situations.  There to guide you, when no one else seems to understand.

Some may scoff at the mere thought.  There's no such thing.  Or, if there is, they only live in Heaven.  They are not walking the earth.

But, scoff away.

Because I know angels are real.  I've known of some... even met a couple.

Monday morning, an angel finished up her work here on earth and left.  She had no wings while in her earthly state.  No halo hung around her head.  But, the light, and goodness, and love that she emitted and encouraged was apparent and obvious to anyone that met her.  She spoke no words.  She was unable to communicate with earthly humans.  But, everyone that knew her or the people that she lived with, heard her message, felt her warmth, and was inspired by just being in her presence.

And her name was Kenadee.


I first had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful angel two years ago, when I got a job working as a teacher's aide in the school where her mom worked.  From the first time I saw a picture of her, I felt a warmth to my heart.  Not out of pity or sadness.. but actual warmth associated with love.  The light she emitted was apparent and bright from her mother and father.  Her mom was a very good friend of mine.  She took care of me when I felt like an outsider.  She took me in and guided me through the obstacles and challenges that I faced.  And it was only fitting that such a loving, friendly, cheerful woman would have an angel as a daughter.

The first time I got to meet Kenadee was shortly after I started working with her mother.  Kenadee was in the hospital, and I just felt this calling to go and see her.  I'm not a fan of hospitals.  And to go visit the child of someone I had only known for a short time felt a little weird, but I couldn't shake the extremely strong desire or need to go and see Kennadee.  To meet her.  

And I remember seeing the most adorable, truly beautiful baby laying in her crib.  The tubes and machines had absolutely no effect on the light and warmth being emitted from her.  It was like walking in to a bubble full of love, walking in to that room.  You could just feel it.  It was like tiny sparks that appear from static electricity.

Over the course of the year working in that school, I had a few opportunities to spend time with Kenadee.  She would come and visit her mom at work, escorted by her dad.  The kids in the school just LOVED being around her.  There was no discomfort that came from the kids seeing a child that looked different than they did.  They weren't affected by Kenadee's inability to speak to them or play with them.  But, they say that kids have a sixth sense when it comes to unworldly beings, right?  Those kids were able to understand that Kenadee wasn't just a child with an illness, she was in fact an angel that was here on earth to spread love, light, and goodness to all those that knew her.

Even though I only had the pleasure of knowing Kenadee a very short time, I heard many stories about her birth, and the two years that had led up to the time I got to meet her.  Her mom talked about her all of the time.  Her mom's whole face lit up at the mere mention of her name.  You could see the love in her eyes sharing Kenadee's stories. 

From very early on, Kenadee's mom knew that she was not going to watch Kenadee graduate from high school, go off to college, and have kids of her own.  Most parents make that the missions for their children.  They want to watch them grow up and become good, responsible adults.  But, it was different for Kenadee.  Even though she wasn't going to get to do those "normal" things, her parents were able to think of each day with Kenadee as a true blessing.  For all the things they were able to do together.  For the time they were able to spend together.  It wasn't about thinking about the future, it was about living in the here and now.  Another blessing that most people don't understand.

I know that Kenadee helped me understand the importance of living life in the moment.  To not worry too much about the future.  To enjoy the time we all have together right now.  Because the future will come in due time, but we don't want to move forward with the regrets of what could have or should have been.  Making each moment count.  To be thankful for all the good in our lives, and to embrace the love and kindness of others.  She taught me so much about getting to know people for what's in the inside.  The outside may reflect a certain image, but what is on the inside is what counts the most. And a person doesn't have to say a single word in order to communicate strong and powerful messages.

That was Kenadee.  That IS Kenadee.

Her time on this earth ended on Monday morning.

While her departure has left sadness in the hearts to all those that knew her or knew of her, I know that she simply completed the tasks she was sent here to do.  She spread the messages she needed to spread.  She impacted the lives she needed to impact.  

And even though her earthly body has finished its job, her angelic presence will live on in the hearts of all that had the true blessing to meet her, and with those that heard about her courageous and amazing stories.  

To Lacie and Dennis:  May you find comfort during this difficult time.  May you know the wonderful and powerful things your sweet, angel of a daughter was able to do for all those that knew her and knew of her.  Know that Kenadee has left a forever remaining footprint on this earth that will continue on.  She touched, inspired, and blessed so many people.  You both touched, inspired, and blessed so many people by giving us the opportunity to learn her story, meet her, and share in her goodness.

For that, I thank you.

While Kenadee's time on earth was short, she accomplished more and did more for others than some could ever accomplish in a thousand lifetimes.  

I send love, thoughts, and hugs to you.  Know that I am thinking of you all.  I am truly blessed that I was able to meet Kenadee and have a small taste of the absolute joy that she was able to bestow on those that met her.

I believe in angels.  Because I met one.  Her name IS Kenadee.


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