Sunday, February 16, 2014

What a LOVE-ly Weekend!!

So, I didn't blog yesterday, and YES I'm fine.  I'm not sick.  Nothing bad happened.  No pigs were spotted flying over my house.  I just felt like taking the day off... well...I actually didn't PLAN on taking the day off, I just got caught up in some other stuff and just let it go for a day.

You would think that by taking the day off from blogging, I'd have a lot more to write about today.  Well, I don't. Not really.  Just gonna share all about my weekend.

Let's start with Friday.  Valentine's Day.  

No big surprise that I didn't get anything from Hubby.  I explained that on Friday.  We don't "do" Valentine's Day in my house.  He doesn't believe in it, and I'm OK with that.  He does plenty to show me that he loves me the other 364 days of the year, so I'm most definitely NOT going to complain that I didn't get flowers (that would just die), chocolate (that would just make me fatter), jewelry (that I'd never wear), or any other trinket that would end up sitting somewhere collecting dust.

That doesn't mean that I don't do Valentine's Day at school with my kiddos, and I was shocked and touched by the love that I was shown on Friday.

The day started with a couple of my kiddos giving me some very thoughtful gifts.  I received a box of chocolates that had a giraffe face on the front (I LOVE giraffes).  I received a small bouquet of fake roses in a vase (they won't die).  I received a rose pen (won't die and useful).  And I received a long stem fake rose.  My kids apparently listen when I tell them stuff.  I had explained my whole spill about how Hubby and I celebrate Valentine's Day, when asked what Hubby would get me for Valentine's Day.   I also received a small box of chocolate's from my co-teacher.  She's always so thoughtful about giving me little things to help brighten my day.  She knows me well enough, now, to know that chocolate is a quick fix-all when I'm stressed.  HA!

The morning was then spent having a good time learning.  

Later in the morning, I received a gift from my secret pal.  I got a new water cup (much needed), a pair of striped socks (zebra striped), and some candy.  For the first time since participating in the Secret Pal program, I've figured out who my secret pal is.  I'm not going to tell her I know, just because I don't want to spoil the fun.  She actually let it slide a while back, but I don't think she realized she did.  She asked me what my favorite color was, and when I told her she let it slide that I didn't write that... I'm assuming she meant on my Secret Pal info form.  Now she'll probably figure it out.. if she reads today's blog.  But, I'm still not going to say anything.  It's just not as fun if both parties know that the other is fully aware of who the secret pal is.  

After lunch, it was time to start preparations to put together the gazillion cans of Crush Soda I had purchased the night before to deliver to students all over the school.  If you remember, Student Council put on a fundraiser that offered the students the ability to order a Crush Soda to be specially delivered to friends and teachers.  I think we ended up putting together almost 200 cans with the cards that had been written by the sender, and attaching candy if the sender had paid extra for that.

Not a bad fundraiser.  Each 12 pack of Crush cost $3 and we sold the cans for $1 a piece.  That's a $9 profit per case... not too shabby.  And, no, it wasn't a rip off.  That money goes right back in to the school for fun events and student needs.  

It took us about an hour to get all the stuff ready, and then the StuCo reps went out to deliver the sodas to the classrooms.  When they left, I noticed that I had some cans sitting on my desk.  EIGHT of them to be exact.  All addressed to me!!  

I started to open the cards and saw "Hi Mom!", "Love you, Mom", "Hi Mom", "Mom, You're cool, Dawg!", another two "Hi Mom", one from my secret pal, and one from a student I had last year.  

I was floored.  

The last time I checked, I only had two kids in the Jr. High, and only one of them sent me one of the soda's... meaning the other five came from students that call me "Mom".  Touching, right?  I got a little choked up reading those little cards.  I mean, I know a couple of students that like to call me Mom, but I never expected that.

Once my students came back from music, we had to finish up some work and then it was PARTY time.  The kids chowed down on some snacks, we sat and laughed and joked around for a while, and then I took them all outside to enjoy the extremely nice day we were having.  

It was a great way to end a great day.

After school, I spent some time working and gathering up my things and then it was time to head on home.  Peanut went home with her friend, I had made arrangements to meet my dad so that Butter could spend the weekend with my parents, so that left Hubby, Jelly, and I.  I made the quick decision that we would order some Chinese food and enjoy a quiet evening at home.

And that's what we did.  We ate.  We watched some TV.  And we relaxed.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day working.  I did break for a couple of hours to take a nap, but other than that I just sat in front of my computer or the stack of grading that had to be done.  Nothing special.

Today, it's my dad's birthday, so we're all going over to see him.  I also have to pick up Butter in the process.  It's another beautiful day, so it'll be nice to get out of the house for a while.

And that's it.  My Lovely Weekend.  

No crazy plans.  Just relaxation, work, and family.

So, I suppose I'll get around getting ready.  

Enjoy this wonderful Sunday!!


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