Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Cleaning Out My Closet

Well, not actually MY closet, Jelly's closet.  And not actually cleaning, but already cleaned out.  And, no, this post isn't going to be about laying out a bunch of personal issues, like Eminem's popular song.  It's LITERALLY about cleaning out closets...or just cleaning in general.  

I actually had a very productive weekend.  Productive AND restful, which aren't usually two words I use together in the same sentence.  There was a happy balance between working, cleaning, and relaxing. And, this morning, I feel rested yet I feel like I got a lot of stuff accomplished in a mere two days.

Saturday, I cleaned the living room, den, and dining room.  I swept floors, dusted, organized, and got rid of a bunch of clutter that was starting to build up.  I did some laundry.  I then planted myself on the couch and took a nap.  I forgot to mention that I had gotten up at 6AM on Saturday morning because I had to go pick up Peanut from a church lock-in.  I had stayed up pretty late the night before, so by around 1PM on Saturday, I was tired.  I napped until around 4PM.  Three hour nap? Not too shabby.

Once I woke up, I found that Hubby had fired up the grill and was cooking hamburgers.  He was also making homemade onion rings to go with them. Once we had finished eating, it was off to grading papers and entering grades for me, which I did up until 10PM that night.

Finally, when all the grades had been entered, I got out my crocheting and spent a couple of hours doing that.  It was after midnight, once again, before I took myself off to bed.  But, after taking a three hour nap during the day, I wasn't exactly tired before midnight.

I finally finished the adult sized bolero I was making on Friday.  It's OK, I don't like the way it fits me. I didn't measure exactly right, apparently.  I'm hoping E likes it, because I'm going to see if she wants it. While I think the pattern is cute, the way it looks on me just doesn't work.  Now, I'm working on spring scarf.  It's light and thin, so something that can be worn while the weather is getting warmer without being a problem.  It's also a nice shade of light pink, which is a nice, springy color.  I got a good start on that before I decided to hit the hay Saturday night.

Sunday morning I got up around 9.  After writing my blog, I jumped in the shower and we drove to the grocery store to do our weekly grocery shopping.  The weather was AWFUL.  It was snowing pretty hard, cold, and not the weather I wanted to be out in.  We did our shopping and was promptly back home.  

When we did get home, Jelly and I took on the task of cleaning her room.  From top to bottom.  I emptied every toy box, drawer, and any other crevice that was piled high with stuff.  I completely emptied out her closet and started from scratch on that thing.  It had been previously used to hang her clothes and store a bunch of her toys.  I decided it would be better to make her closet in to a place to store ALL of her clothes.  So, I moved her little dressers in to the closet, hung her clothes that needed to be hung, and brought the toys out in to the room.  I found a place for EVERYTHING.  She has a drawer for Barbie stuff, a drawer for baby doll stuff, a drawer for her kitchen gadgets and toy foods, a toy box for stuffed animals and a toy box for baby dolls.  She has a place for her books, a place for her coloring stuff... and you got the point, right?  

Her room is now SPOTLESS.  Functional.  Clean.  Organized.  She can now go back to using her room as a play area instead of my living room.  Of course, now the trick will be making sure she puts all of her stuff back where she originally found it, in order to keep her room clean.  Wishful thinking, but the next time her room looks the way it did before I started, she's on her own.  

After finishing her room, my plan was to tackle my own bedroom in the same way.  But, honestly, I was worn out and ready to sit down and relax for a while.  That relaxing turned in to another two hour nap.  So, by the time I woke up, there was no desire to clean my room whatsoever.  Instead, I ate dinner, did some more of Jelly's laundry, and then sat down and finished writing my lesson plans.

I finished all my lesson planning around 8PM and then it was back to crocheting for a couple of hours before heading to bed for the night.

I simply don't remember the last time I cleaned, worked, AND got in a nap all in the same day.  And I managed to do it TWO days in a row.  If that's not a productive weekend, I'm just not sure what is.

Next weekend, I'm hoping to do the same.  Yet, throw in a birthday celebration for Butter and some gardening. Why not try adding a little extra stuff, right?

Despite getting quite a bit of sleet and snow yesterday, there's no snow day today.  The snow didn't ever really stick to the roads, and the snow that had stuck had all melted away before dark.  Which means a regular work week.  That's a relief.  I have to attend a training on Tuesday, so I'll be out for one day.  The rest of the week we'll be busy, busy, busy doing all kinds of learning.

Tonight, I am taking Peanut to her high school enrollment.  Can't believe in just a couple of short months, I'll have a kid that'll be a freshman in high school.  She's so excited for the new experiences, new people, and different classes she'll get to take.  I'm still trying to comprehend that I'm going to have a high schooler, and wrap my head around the fact that she'll be spending every day in a completely different town to me.  No more walking down the hallway to see her if I want to, or hanging out with her in my classroom in the mornings before school starts.  She'll be arriving with me, but will then get on a bus that takes her to the high school.  Something I better start trying to wrap my head around now, because I don't have much longer before it happens.

But, one day at a time.  Tonight she's just enrolling.  I've still got a couple of months to prepare.

Right now, though, I need to preparing myself for work.  It's a bitterly cold morning, so I get to dig out my warm clothes, once again. Glad I haven't decided to pack them away just yet.  

Everyone have a great Monday!


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