Sunday, March 02, 2014

Looks Like We Might Be Adding Some More Snow Days

Well, the weather has been a little crazy around here this morning.  We've had a little freezing rain, some sleet, some snow, and even thunder and lightening mixed in with it all. CRAZY STUFF!!!

Right now, there's a dusting of snow covering the ground, and it's lightly snowing.  The radar shows that there's still plenty to come, and there's a possibility of seeing 2-4" of snow by the time it's all said and done.  I'm going to go ahead and assume we won't be having school tomorrow.

The temps tomorrow won't get anywhere near the close to above freezing, so there's not any real chance it will melt off tomorrow, either.  So, that gives the possibility that there won't be school on Tuesday.  Then, that becomes a problem.

On Wednesday, I have an appointment I HAVE to go to at 8AM.  I booked half the day off that day, but didn't think to get sub plans ready before I left on Friday.  And it was really stupid on my part, because I KNEW there was a possibility we'd be getting this weather.  

Now, I'm beating myself up and worrying what the heck I'm going to do if we are out until Wednesday.  

I know that I have all of my materials ready for Monday, which would be taking place Wednesday if that's when we go back, but I didn't exactly organize everything so it's easy to find if someone else needs to go in and take over.  

Best case scenario would be not getting as much weather as predicted meaning we could go back on Tuesday, or more weather than predicted meaning we stay out until Thursday.  But, I doubt that either will be the case.

The other option would be that the roads are safe enough to travel on Tuesday and I can get in to the building in order to leave the sub plans for Wednesday morning.  That would be ideal.  Hopefully that will be a choice I have.  

What I have to do now, though, is try to not worry.  Just let the situation play out and see what happens.  What I do know is, whatever happens, my team will take care of me.  They will make sure that my class is taken care of.  I hate putting that burden on them, but they know that I would do the same for them...not that they would ever be as unprepared as I am... but stuff happens.  I am thankful that even though I will be worrying my head off and smacking myself upside the head for not thinking ahead, they will take care of me.  

The sad part is, this has to be the first week in FOREVER that I've walked out the door and not had everything nice and orderly for Monday morning.  I usually make sure my Monday folder has all the Monday copies needed, I make sure my desk is cleaned off, and I make sure that all I have to do when I walk in on Monday morning is turn the computers on and write the objectives on the board.  And wouldn't you know the one week where I'm so tired and just not thinking straight and run off without doing ANY of those things would be the one day I needed to do it the most.


Oh well.  There's nothing I can do about it now.  Lesson learned for the future, but right now I just have to pray that I can take care of it Tuesday or that my awesome team will be able to wade through the junk on my desk to get the stuff needed on Wednesday morning.

Until then, I'm going to finish grading and entering in my grades, finish up putting all of my plans online, and then snuggle up with a new crocheting project.

I have a scarf that I have to make and I have some boots that I've been promising a co-worker that I still haven't started.  Should probably get both of those knocked out before I move on to something else.  

OK, that's it from me today.  I need a day to relax...unwind...and not worry.

Hopefully, I can get two of the three taken care of today.


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