Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Snow Day Like Today


Well, it's Snow Day 19.  We are just one day shy of missing an ENTIRE instructional month of school.  And, there's a strong possibility we may see that number hit tomorrow.  

A whole month of school.  Gone.  

In school terms, that's like cutting 10 years off your life.  Think of all that stuff you'll miss out on without those ten years.  Now think about all that stuff our kiddos are missing out on with one less month of school.

Sad and scary.

Thankfully for our kids, they have some of the best darn teachers in the country!!  Teachers that, no matter how much time we miss, will buckle down and do everything in their power to make sure those kids get everything they need in order to advance on to the next grade level.  There'll be blood, sweat, and lots of tears I'm sure... but we'll get the job done.

We have to.

It's what we do.

While I sit around and watch parents and concerned citizens from my area of Arkansas bicker about all the days they are missing, the best way to make them up, and who to blame for snow days in the first place (oh yes, there are people actually being blamed for snow days), teachers in Missouri know that they don't have to worry about when the time will be made up.  Because it won't be.  We've exhausted all of our possible days off, we've extended the calendar out as far as it can go, and the state will forgive the rest.  Which is great for the students... they don't have to worry about losing a spring break or going to school until June.  We don't have a traditional spring break in our county, and the last day of school will be May 23rd no matter how many more days keep piling on to the snow day count.  

That also means that the teachers have to perform miracles in order to make up for lost time and see to it that our kids get the education and skills necessary to be successful as they move on.

Who doesn't like the opportunity to add "Miracle Worker" to their list of accolades??

I'll put that right under teacher, mother, counselor, social worker, nurse, motivational speaker, head hunter, janitor, administrative assistant, and IT tech support rep.

While I should be terrified at the fact that I now have one less month to get in all of the content I need to get in before the kids finish the school year, I'm not.  A little nervous?  Sure.  But terrified?  No.  

Even though this is only my second year of teaching, I am lucky enough to be working with the best. They are masters of getting the job done, regardless of how much their legs are cut off while still having to complete a marathon.  

I have always said I work well under pressure.  If this scenario doesn't have me put my money where my mouth is, I'm not sure what will.

But, I've also come to terms with "it is what it is", a saying that is and will continue to run rampant down our hallways.  It IS what it IS, and we do what we need to do.

I still can't believe how many posts I've seen from people blaming PEOPLE because of the snow days. The last time I checked, snow was a natural phenomenon.  It fell from the sky.  It accumulates on surfaces making those surfaces slippery and dangerous.

Blaming school officials for canceling school due to snow?  Blaming road crews for not clearing the roads fast enough?  Blaming city and county governments for not installing some special, anti snow force field around the city?  OK so the last one was all me... but city and county government officials are being blamed for not PREVENTING the snow from accumulating on the roads.  Blaming bus drivers for not being able to drive their buses on ice covered roadways?  Really, people?

I'm only speaking for myself here, but the last time I checked I did NOT live in the north where kids go to school with a foot of snow on the ground.  People up north are used to having that much snow on a regular basis.  We get snow, sure, but not in the amounts received up north.  I also, for one, do NOT want my kid getting on a bus that can't drive SAFELY on ice and snow covered roads.  I refuse to drive my kids around in an SUV during snow, let alone putting them on a bus with no seatbelts.  And, I in no way, shape or form blame school officials for canceling school because of snow.  They don't want to miss school anymore than anyone else does, but they make the call based on safety.  That's a pretty big decision to make, and one that's not done lightly.

But, now I'm just getting on a rant I don't want to get in to.

Instead, I'm going to roll with the punches and enjoy my time at home.  When it's time to go back to work, I'll roll with them punches too.

While I've been off, though, I have been playing around with some new crochet endeavors.  I completed my first pair of slipper socks.  


Not exactly thrilled with the way they came out, and need a little tweaking, but they are warm, they match, and they fit my Peanut comfortably.  Which is good, because they're not actually for me.  

I'm also over half the way done with a bolero (shrug) for Jelly.


Might not get that finished being that I'm running out of the yarn I'm using.  

If that happens, I'll be moving on to making a drawstring purse.  


Being that we're (eventually) moving in to spring, I'm trying to find some ideas that can be used during warmer months.  Found a couple of great lightweight scarf ideas that I know E will get all excited about.  


Also a few spring/summer slouchy hats.  

I also have a pattern for an extremely cute spring tunic, but it's toddler sized so I have to figure out the adjustments needed to make it for myself (and E, cause I know she'll probably want one).  


But, before I get back to my spring crocheting, I need to think about cleaning my house.  Yeah, I know, I said I was going to do that yesterday.  I got lazy.  Sue me.  One more day wasn't hurting anything, and I guess it's a good thing I waited another day or I'd just be cleaning up all the mess that has accumulated SINCE yesterday.

Alright, peeps, I'm out!


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