Friday, October 31, 2014

A Little More Waist Removal


This past week has NOT been a good week for me in terms of eating healthy.  In fact, it's been down right terrible!  Last Friday I took the kids to eat lunch at Red Robin, Friday night we grabbed a couple of pizzas from Dominos for dinner, Saturday Peanut and I ate Wendy's during her debate competition, Wednesday I ate at Burger Time with my team during our plan day, and that afternoon I ate chips and a cupcake at the baby shower.  Bad, huh?  Embarrassing as well.

I never usually go out to eat that much in one week.  It's just been such a crazy, busy week that it's required for us to grab food on the go.  And I still haven't been able to do away with the urges of ordering the wrong food.  

So, I figured I better just accept the fact that I was going to see a gain on the scale yesterday during our weigh-in.  It was inevitable.  I mean, there's just no way I can eat that much junk food and still lose weight, right?


Somehow, some way, I still managed to get on that scale yesterday and lose 1.2lbs.  OK, so it's just 1.2lbs, but it was a loss!  

At first I was ecstatic, then I started to think about how much weight I would have lost had I eaten better all week.  That's never a nice feeling.  It felt similar to receiving a back-handed compliment.  I lost a little over a pound after eating like a total pig all week.  Nice.

But, one thing I had to remind myself is that a loss is a loss, and I've still managed to go through these past five weeks showing a loss each and every week.  In fact, I'm the only person on my team that can say that.  Last week, I was the only one on my team to lose any weight so I kinda chalked myself up to the fact that it would be OK if I saw a small gain on the scale this week.  I know that sounds bad, and it is.  I shouldn't think that way.  So, I am very thankful that I didn't break that cycle and I'm still seeing losses each week.

Now, my total weight loss in the past five weeks is 10.2lbs.  That averages out to be about 2lbs a week, which is a good weight loss pace.  However, I had set the goal to lose 20lbs during this challenge and I only have three weeks left.  If I have any chance of losing the other 9.8lbs, I really need to buckle down over these next couple of weeks.  

I have taken this week as a good learning week.  Like I said earlier, if I can lose 1.2lbs after eating terribly all week, then I can lose a lot more if I go back to eating healthy.  I need to lose 3lbs a week for the next three weeks if I have any chance of meeting my goal, and that's a pretty tough order.  I haven't lost that much in a week since my first week when I lost 4lbs.  All the other losses since then have been pretty minimal.  I need to really buckle down, eat clean, drink more water, and move a lot more if I have any chance of losing 9lbs in three weeks.  But, with the results I've been seeing with the minimal effort I've been putting in, I know I can do it.  

I am still soda free, after five weeks.  That's a huge non-scale victory.  I don't think I've ever gone this long without touching a drop of soda.  In fact, the only drinks I've consumed in the past five weeks are coffee, water, and flavored water.  A part from one flavored water that Hubby accidentally bought for me that was NOT zero calories, I haven't had anything else.  I have been buying the naturally sweetened Fruit 2O waters from Sam's and keeping a case in my classroom.  There are no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, and no calories.  Plus they taste great.  That's always a bonus.  It's really hard for me to drink regular water for some reason.  But, I can down a couple of fruit flavored waters in no time.  

I attended Butter's wrestling meeting last night for the parents.  One thing I was glad to hear was the coach explain how important healthy eating habits are going to be for Butter while he's wrestling.  I won't be able to go to his competitions and take the kids to eat fast food anymore.  Butter will require a much more healthy diet in order to keep his weight stable.  That will be beneficial for all of us.  Rather than eating Chinese or burgers, we'll need to either pack food to eat or eat at Subway.  I think we'll do a mixture of both.  And the best thing is, he's not just doing this for a couple of months.  Wrestling will now last for the rest of the school year, so I'll be able to partner up with Butter to make sure that we're both eating better while he's wrestling.  

Of course, the logistics of him wrestling for the rest of the school year is an entirely different story, but that's for another blog post.  

Right now, I need to think about getting ready for work.

It's HALLOWEEN!!  A day full of candy! YAY!! Ugh.  

This morning, we're taking all the kids on a parade through downtown.  The kids will gather candy as they go.  This afternoon is our school parties.  There will be plenty of sweets for that.  Tonight, I'm taking Butter and Jelly Trick or Treating around the neighborhood to collect more candy.  Kinda negates everything I just said, huh?  But I'm going to be good.  I can get through this, I know I can.  

Have a fantastic Halloween, everyone!! And stay safe!

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