Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just Had to Go and Jinx Myself

One thing I definitely know about myself is the fact that I have a big mouth.  Not literally... figuratively speaking.  I'm a gal that speaks her mind, complains, brags, and talks A LOT.  Being that I know this about myself, you'd figure that I'd do something about it, right?  Yeah, well, just because I know about it, doesn't mean I have the power (or even the desire) to change it.

I know that my big mouth is one of my flaws and one of my strengths.  There are some people that find my brutal honesty, sarcasm, and humor kinda refreshing.  They think of it as a strength, and are totally OK with me being that way.  Then there are others that I know can't stand me or what I have to say, and think they they are hiding their eye rolling and obvious attempts to get away from me quickly, before I say something to tick them off.

It is what it is.  I fully understand.  I'm not blind enough to not notice some of the sideway glances and eye rolls that I often see when I open my mouth, but it doesn't stop me from saying what I need to say.

The people that "get me" understand that my complaining, sarcasm, and bragging isn't meant to to be solely negative or annoying.  I often do a lot of those things with the intent on being funny, so it's my poor attempt to make people laugh.  Again, there are people that completely understand that and are able to brush off anything that comes out of my mouth as me making light of all situations that come my way.  I'm not a very sensitive or emotional person.  In fact, sarcasm is about the only way I show emotion, both good and bad.  I don't throw hissy fits, I don't cry (very often), I don't go into brewed silences, nor do I keep my happiness to myself.  It's not hard to figure out what kind of mood I'm in, by simply being in a close proximity to me for a few seconds.  Although, someone that doesn't know me very well may misconstrue my emotions thinking I'm mad when I'm not, but if you don't know me very well, I'm not a very easy person to read. 

Anywho, none of that stuff is really here nor there to what I have to share today.  I guess it was just a bit of backstory to get the actual story out.  

Last night was my second night of conferences.  The first night went extremely well.  All of my parents showed up, we had great conversations about their children, and I was busy, busy until 8PM.  Last night, I only had six conferences scheduled, so I figured I'd have close to two hours free to get some work done in my classroom and even have the chance to work on my homework.  WRONG-O.

Now, in my district, there is a 100% conference participation requirement.  The parents know this.  It's not a new policy, and something they've been doing for years.  That contact is preferred to be face-to-face, but in some extenuating circumstances, will be done over the phone.  If a parent doesn't show, or can't be reached by phone, then we make a home visit to get the conference completed.  Teachers are required to make 100% contact, because it's important that all of the parents know how their children are doing and any concerns the teacher may have.  Plus, it's better they know now while there's still plenty of school year left to work on those concerns to ensure that their child has a successful school year.  I get and support the 100% requirement.

Of course, I've never had to worry about it.  For the past two years, every one of my parents have shown up with no hiccup or worries.  In fact, my only setback the past two years was staying on schedule so that I wouldn't make parents wait.  Being a talker has its flaws on conference night, too.  I want to brag on the kiddos, I want to share everything we're doing, I want to share all the great stuff they've accomplished, and the great stuff I have planned for them to do.  

So, yesterday, I spend the day bragging about how awesome my first night of conferences were and how sure I was that the second night will be just as great.  I brag about how excited I am to have some time to work in my classroom.  I also brag that I've never had to worry about figuring out alternate ways to contact parents, because my parents have always shown up.  You know what bragging will get ya?  A big, cold slap of JINXING.  Yep.  I totally jinxed myself, yesterday, by being too cocky and sure that all would be fine and dandy and there'd be no home visits for me.

Last night, my first conference shows with no worries.  Conference is great.  When that conference is over, the next parent isn't waiting so I took the opportunity to check my email.  What do I discover?  An email telling me that my second parent won't be making it to her conference.  UGH!! I quickly respond in an attempt to reschedule, because that would at least get cleared on the contact requirement.  I then go about seeing the next few parents, and all of those go smoothly.  Once the last conference is over (about 5:30), I check my email and no response.  I go down to the office to report that I have one parent that didn't show.  And of course, I end up standing down there talking for a while.   

After I'm done pottering around in the office and visiting with some of the other teachers, it's about 6:30PM.  I still have an hour and a half left, but I really didn't want to jump in to making a home visit without giving the parent plenty of time to email me back.  Stuff happens, people get busy, unforeseen situations come up that causes plans to be changed.  I totally get that, and want to give the parents as many opportunities as possible to make it to the school before I head to their house.  Being that I hadn't had any luck with an email response, I try calling: Phone disconnected.  Now a home visit looks inevitable.  E decides to do some investigating, first, and discovers that there's an alternate phone number.  I try calling:  no answer.  I leave a message and hope that she calls me back.  By this time it's 7PM.  I wanted to give her some time to call me back, so the decision is made that if I haven't heard back by 7:30, I'm making the home visit.  

7:30 comes, no phone call has been received, so I'm making my first home visit.  I was lucky enough to recruit some help from a friend to go with me.  We get that taken care of, and we're back at the school a little after 8PM.

So, not only did I end up not finishing on time, I end up with no work in my classroom done nor do I have any homework done. 

See, totally jinxed myself.

Now, did I utilize all of my free time wisely?  Of course not,  I spent way too much time visiting and talking to people.  That's my bad.  But, I now know to be careful about bragging... because I'll end up in a car driving to someone's house quickly.

Lesson learned.

Today, conferences are over, we have one more day of school left before a well needed break, and I am ready for that break.  I have class tonight, which means another late night, but at least I can sleep in tomorrow.  Kinda.  I have a phone call scheduled with one of my professors at 9:30 in the morning, but hey.. I can take a nap later in the day if I need to.

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday.  I have weigh-in this morning, so I'm really hoping that conferences haven't completed shattered my progress for the week.  Conference eating isn't exactly mindful, we eat when and what we can.  HA!

Fingers crossed!

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