Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Fun-Day... Workday... Same Thing

I've got a very busy day ahead of me today, but a day that I'm also looking forward to.  I'm going to be sitting down at my desk and hashing out some lesson plans and ideas for the next few weeks' worth of careers.  

I'm not going to be at work tomorrow morning, so that puts a damper on my Day One Extravaganza, but it's not going to stop me from kicking everything off the minute I get back tomorrow.  I was able to pick up a few of the things from my extensive supply list yesterday, but there's still plenty to prepare and buy for.  One thing I forgot to do, which I'm going out to do in a little while, is print out the graduation photos.  I can't believe I forgot about that while I was out yesterday.  It was the main thing I went out for.  But, that tends to happen quite a bit.  I go shopping for something, end up spending a small fortune, and coming home without the one thing I went out for in the first place.  No worries, though, I'll get them printed today.  

I'm shocked at how crazy expensive photo printing is nowadays.  I mean, if I want to get 4x6 prints, they are $0.19 a piece, but if I want to get 5x7 prints, the price jumps up to $1.50 a print.  That seems a little ridiculous.  I really wanted to do 5x7 prints, but I just can't afford to spend almost $50 on photos.  I have to get two copies of each picture, one for the classroom and one for the parents at parent/teacher conferences.  It looks as though I'm going to have to get 4x6 photos.  A little smaller, but I can't justify paying an extra $40 for photos that are an inch wider and longer.  I could order the kiddos five 4x6 copies a piece for that price.  It means I won't be able to have the big Wall of Fame like I had planned, but I can make a great bulletin board arrangement with the'll be fine.  

Now my mind is wandering to the wall space I have in my classroom.  I'm going to have to get creative to make it all work out.  I want the kids to be able to look at their graduation pictures whenever they need a boost of motivation, so I'm going to have to do some rearranging of my wall space to get the pictures in a good focal point.  Like I said, though... I'll make it work.  

Other than the picture dilemma, I am excited and pumped for some of the stuff I managed to pick up yesterday.  I went by Staples and bought name tags for all of my kiddos.  The fancy, plastic, clip on ID badge holders.  That way, each Monday I can print out new "ID badges" for the kids' profession of the week.  Every Friday, I'll print out new name tags to go in the holders so that they can wear them throughout the week.  I also picked up a couple pairs of scrubs to wear for the medical profession weeks.  This week I'll wear them for being a vet, and then I'll be able to use them again for Doctor Week and again for Nurse Week. 

I hunted high and low for some novelty police badges, but I couldn't find them.  I think I'm going to have to either order them online or go to a party supply store.  Being that it's Halloween time, I figured I'd have no problem finding them.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  I mean, sure I can buy an entire Halloween cop costume set, but again, I don't have the money to spend $10 per kid.  I'm sure there has to be somewhere I can find sets of novelty police badges.  Maybe Oriental Trading, or something along those lines.  If anyone knows of a place that sells them, please let me know.

I've already got some math lined up for the kids this week.  Each day, they are going to perform a duty that a vet might have to do that involves multiplication, addition, and subtraction.  On Tuesday, they are going to fill out order sheets for supplies that a vet's office might need.  They will have a dollar amount to spend, a list of supplies, and the cost per supply.  They will then have to fill out an order form with the amount of supplies they're going to order, how much they'll spend, and how much will be left over.  The next day will be billing.  Each student will figure out the bills for the services that were performed on the pets and how much each customer will be billed.  We'll discuss taxes and such as an added bonus.  On Thursday, the kids will be creating dosage charts.  Each medicine will have a recommended dosage per animal, and they'll have to figure out how much of each medicine an animal has to have of a certain medication.  On Friday, we'll review and discuss the services and how the math they used is what they're currently learning about.  

On Thursday, we're having a vet come and visit us in the classroom.  I'm going to have the kids work up a list of questions they want answered.  I also want them to connect some of the questions to our reading.  For example, we're reading Charlotte's Web, so I want them to ask about caring for farm animals.  Then, there's the connection to science and ecosystems.  Maybe ask about some exotic pets, animal habitats, etc.  Which is something we'll also be doing during science... discussing habitats and caring for animals that live in our area.  

October is also Disability Awareness month, so I figure a great way to pull that in is to discuss and learn about service animals.  I hope to find some information on guide dogs and other animals that help out people with disabilities.  

All in all, it's going to be a great week of learning, and I'm so excited to get my work and research done today.  It's going to be a fun week, that's for sure.

OK, if I'm going to get it all done, I should probably get to doing it.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!!


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