Monday, November 25, 2013

Day Twenty Five: Very Thankful For Wi-Fi


Today, I'm not at work.  Hence not posting my blog until much later than I normally would on a Monday morning.  Instead, I'm spending the day with my mom, dad, and brother while my mom is having a procedure done.  I was up and out of my house by 5:30 this morning, and I will probably be sitting in a waiting room until about 2PM this afternoon.  That makes for a very long day.  Thankfully, though, I will have Wi-Fi...which is what I'm thankful for today.

I know that I've already done a thankful post about social media and my blog.  But, that's not what today is all about.  Today, I have the ability to write my blog, keep up with my Facebook, and get some much needed work done thanks to the access to a Wi-Fi network.

I remember the days when internet service only worked when a computer was plugged in to a phone cord.  So, the fact that I can now access the internet wirelessly is a big deal.  And, with having a laptop and iPad, my office can now be pretty mobile.  As long as I'm in a Wi-Fi hotspot, I can pretty much do my work just about everywhere.  

Of course, my current mobile office isn't near as comfy as my living room.  I'm sitting on the floor up against a little coffee a waiting room.  I have a cup of coffee by my side, and ready to make it through the long day.  I have grades to enter, lesson plans to write for next week, and I should have time to do some Pinterest planning looking for some fun Christmas ideas.

It hasn't been very long since these options were available to me while sitting in a waiting room.  Before 
the days of Wi-Fi, long hours of waiting were spent watching continuous news shows on a TV with closed captions, or reading... if I remembered to bring a book.  

Today, I was prepared.  Not only did I remember my books, but thanks to Wi-Fi I also made sure to bring my iPad and my laptop.  So, I won't be watching the walls, counting each passing second, or wondering how much longer I will have to wait.  I will be occupied and busy.  The whole time.

I should also point out that I'm thankful I even made it here this morning.  We were blasted with some winter weather this morning, and just as I was getting to my destination, the roads started getting pretty icy.  In fact, I passed a nasty wreck that happened on a bridge on the opposite side of the road. That wreck took two hours to clean I watched it on the news and out the windows of the hospital.  I felt my car sliding just a little as I was pulling in to the parking lot, so I made it just in time.

The weather is very cold and blustery today.  By the time we're all done, though, the roads should be clear enough to drive on without having to worry about ice.

There is chances of snow moving in to the area tonight, so who knows if I'll even be working at all this week.  I have to admit, I wouldn't be too terribly disappointed with a snow day tomorrow.  I have a feeling that after not being able to get to sleep before midnight last night, waking up at 4:30AM, and the day spent in a waiting room will make for one tired me.  An extra day off to rest wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Right now, though, I should focus on getting my grades all entered so that it's something I can check off of my to-do list for today. 

And while I'm doing it, I'll be thankful that I have Wi-Fi that gives me the ability to get my work done while sitting here waiting for my mom.


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