Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Review....And Other Friday Things


How stinkin' cute are we?

Yep.  That's my team...and a student teacher... and we were dominoes for Halloween.  You can't really see the entire costume, but each of us have an assortment of dots on our legs as well.  We wore white t-shirts under our black shirts to make the separation between the two numbers.  The 3rd grade teachers also dressed up as dominoes, so our entire hallway was coordinated.  I just wish we'd gotten a picture of all of us together.

We also had several 4th grade students that dressed up as dominoes with us.  It was awesome to give the kids a quick and easy costume idea, and it was even cuter being that we had some coordination among the classes.

My kids all looked great for school...

Here's Peanut's "deranged doll":


Freaky, right?

And here's Butter's girl costume:


He looked really cute, but because he didn't like people laughing at him (which was kind of the point), he was out of the costume by lunch time.  

And, finally, my little Bunny...


This is probably the first and only costume she's ever worn that didn't result in whining and crying about "itching" or bothering her somehow.  She just loved the tail, and thought it was awesome that her pants were furry just like a real bunny.

Because of the rain, the kids weren't able to do their Halloween Parade when school started.  The tradition is that all the grades K-6 walk downtown to "parade" for anyone that chooses to be downtown to see the kids all dressed up.  The business owners hand out candy to the kids as they walk by.  

The decision was made pretty early to cancel the walk, and the primary school children were sent on to their own school, rather than stay at the elementary (which was the original plan).  I was sad when the sun decided to come out by 10AM, though,  

Because there was no parade, it was business as usual at school.  I have to say, for my kids (students) being pretty disappointed about having to miss the parade, they had no problem just doing our regular schedule.  They took the opportunity to study for their math test today.  And during reading time, we played a few games of Sparkle and then they were given time to independently read.  

Thankfully, the weather was nice enough for them to have outside recess.  

After recess, the kids went on to their specials class, and then on to computer lab.  During this time, it was the jr. high dance....and that's exactly where I was.  One of the perks of being a Student Council sponsor is getting to attend the dances.  It worked out perfectly for me, because my kids were gone from 12:25 until 2:15 and the dance was from 1:15 to 3.  That meant I got to spend an hour with the kids "shaking my tail feathers".  

Once it was time to go and get my students, it was also time to begin their Halloween party.  My class brought SO MUCH stuff!! Just like last year.  I told them straight away that they would NOT be eating all of it, and that we would store some of it away for Friday afternoon snack times.  So, they divvied out some chips, snack cakes, cookies, and candy to eat while they watched a Halloween cartoon.  And that's how they spent the rest of the afternoon...eating and watching the movie.  

Once school was over, I didn't hang out for very long.  My own kids were excited about going Trick or Treating, so it was home for dinner and wait on my parents to arrive.  My mom had set it up that my parents would bring over my brother, sister, and all of their foster kids so that they could Trick or Treat with my kids.

That was all well and good, except having a dozen people living in a house means it takes FOREVER for them all to get ready.  They didn't make it to my house until 7:30PM, and by then I had some pretty cranky kids who had been ready to start their candy gathering about an hour earlier.  The crankiness quickly faded, however, and the kids were sent on their way.  My parents and I hung out at my house to wait for trick or treaters to arrive.

One of the perks about living in town, now, is the fact that the kids can go trick or treating and I don't have to drive them anywhere.  They can walk down the street and there are houses and small subdivisions all over.  Being that my 18 year old sister, her boyfriend, and my 16 year old brother were with the kids, they were well supervised so I felt better about them going off by themselves.  

Another perk I thought I was going to get living in town was handing out candy on Halloween night.  Our old house sat in the middle of nowhere, and nobody ever came trick or treating.  I felt that being in town, I was sure to get a few visits from neighborhood kids.  But, we sat and sat and sat some more... and not a single child came to my house.  

My house sits right across from the school, but it's also located right on the city limit.  Once you drive past my house, you start to move out of city limits and you have to be driving to get to the next set of houses.  My house also sits back quite a ways from the street, so unless you're looking for the house... it's pretty easy to miss.  We sat and watched a ton of cars drive by, and some even slow down, but I figure that nobody wanted to take the walk down our long driveway for a piece of candy.  So, the only trick or treaters I was able to give candy to were my own children, and all of my parents' kids.  

Even though I was a little disappointed, I did actually enjoy just sitting outside and chatting with my parents.  We haven't done something like that for a while.  

The kids finally made it home around 9PM, and they had a pretty good stash of loot.  Enough to last them a few days, anyway.  I can't stand it when Christmas time comes around and I'm having to throw out Halloween candy.  Thankfully, this year, I don't think I'll have to do that.

Shortly after the kids' return, my parents gathered up all their kids  and headed on home, and my children went straight to bed.  They were pretty wiped out from all the walking.

Today, we're having a fall festival.  Well, this afternoon.  This morning, our classes are normal but then this afternoon the entire school is participating in a class swap.  The 4th grade will start with their own classes, and then we'll get a 3rd grade class and send our class to another grade.  Then, I'll have a 7th grade class, then an 8th grade class.  We have them for about 30 minutes or so to do some kind of activity with them.  I would normally go for making some form of craft, or something that involves food. But, instead, I decided to go with playing games.  The 3rd grade will play Bingo and the jr. high kids will get to play Battle of the Sexes.  I figure it will be fun to put the girls up against the boys.

It should be a pretty fun way to end out the week.  

This weekend, there's nothing special planned...once again.  I have a ton of work to bring home...once again.  There's grocery shopping and cleaning and laundry to take care of...once again.  

P-Momma and I had talked last weekend about possibly going out one evening for a girl's night, but I'm not sure when we're going to do that.  I wouldn't mind doing it this weekend, just to get a way for a while, but we'll see.

One thing I think I'm going to add to my To-Do list this weekend is have the kids make their Christmas wish list, and start putting together a Christmas shopping list.  I usually like to have the majority of my Christmas shopping down before Thanksgiving.  Well, if I'm going to pull that off this year, I need to start thinking about what I need to buy.  

Other than that, it's business as usual in my house.

OK, it's time for me to wrap it up and start getting ready for work.  

Everyone have an AWESOME Friday!!


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