Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!


'Twas the day before Christmas at almost four in the morning
While everyone else was in their bed snoring
Momma was sitting with iPad on lap
After waking up late from a late evening's nap

She had tried to get the little one snug in her bed
But she wanted to stay up and watch TV instead
For Momma still had lots of wrapping to do
But figured she might as well just take a snooze

When at 2AM, she rose with a clatter
And realized she had to take care of an important matter
Away to her bedroom she flew in a dash
And finished the wrapping as quick as a flash

The lure of sleep had decided to go
So, she settled in and thought all about snow
When what to her wondering mind should appear
But the thought of her blog, and to write it, my dear

Thoughts of Santa coming the very next night
Gave her excitement thinking about that sight
More rapid than eagles will Christmas Eve pass by
After being with P-Momma, and then making that cry

"Now Peanut, Now Butter, Now come on Jelly
We have to go home, we've got to get ready
We've been here all day, I'm making this call
Dash away, dash away, dash away all"

As sleepy eyed kids to their beds must fly
When they are met with the obstacle of saying goodbye
They won't want to go, after so much fun
But for Santa to come, it just must be done

And then, in a twinkling, we shall leave P-Momma's 
To head on home, to ready the clutter
After brushing of teeth, and laying the kids all down
It will be time for Momma to start rushing around

She'll be dressed in her pajamas from her head to her toes
And she'll be trying to stop the running of her nose
A bundle of toys she'll fling on her back
And she'll make a few trips to the tree to unpack

Her eyes how they'll twinkle, she'll definitely be merry
Except for the cold that's made her nose look like a cherry
She'll sneak back and forth with the stealth of a ninja
Cause she can't risk waking the kids and let the moment linger

Momma's chubby and plump just like Santa himself
And will laugh when she realizes she'd make a perfect Pole elf
In the blink of an eye and a mad rush through her head
She keeps looking and calming all of her dread

She must speak not a word as she enters the rooms
And fills all the stockings in the quietest of zooms
And slowly closing the door, and then blowing her nose
And giving a nod, off to the next one she goes

Once it's all done, she can spring to her bed with a whistle
She's exhausted, and knows that she's about to fizzle
She'll lay there and think about all of the day's sights
Thinking Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight

Not a bad version, being that I'm writing it at 4AM.  It's basically a description of how I see today playing out.  

Last night, I knew I had a few last gifts to wrap.  I was waiting out Jelly to fall asleep, but that little toot just didn't want to call it a night.  Around 11PM, I gave up.  She was still wide awake, watching TV.  The next thing I know, I'm waking up, still on my chair, and it's 2AM.  Awesome.  She's, of course, sound asleep on the couch.  I contemplated just going to bed and finishing up the wrapping today, but I couldn't.  I knew I'd lay in bed worrying about it.  So, I decided to just go ahead and finish it.  The problem was, when I was done, I was wide awake.  Thus, leading me to sitting up at 4AM writing this blog.

Being that we're supposed to be heading to P-Momma's around noon today, I figured I might as well get my blog all done so I can go to bed and sleep for a while.  I won't have to rush around, now, to try and write my blog before heading to her house.

Yesterday actually flew by a lot faster than I thought it would.  Peanut and I went out to take care of a few things, and it actually started snowing while we were gone.  By the time we got home, it was almost time to think about dinner.  After dinner, Jelly and I made some cookies.  

And I can't stop thinking about writing in rhyme, now.  UGH!!  Everything I write, I'm reading back with the same rhythm as 'Twas the Night...

All I can hope is that the kids are all exhausted by the time we get home from P-Momma's so I'm not having to stay up too late to take care of my "Santa duties".  I don't think I could do another night like last night.  I know I won't have any problem getting Jelly to go to bed, but making her fall asleep?  Yeah, that will be the challenge.  Then, I'll spend however long it takes to get the gifts under the tree panicking that a kid will come out of their room.  

The part that really scares me is the stockings.  The kids all keep their stockings in their rooms.  It's a rule in my house that the kids can wake up and open their stockings, but they can't come out of their room on Christmas morning until I get them.  It keeps them occupied for a while, but actually filling the stockings is a nightmare.  I try with all my power not to make a sound, but I always do.  I really have to make sure that I clear a path in to Jelly's room before putting her to bed tonight, so I don't hurt myself getting in there.

Oh well, I better try and get a couple of hours of sleep before our Christmas fun begins.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!!!


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