Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sleigh Ride


Well, it's the beginning of Day 3 of being snowed in.  Usually, this is the day that I start getting cabin fever, itching to get out and do something.  But, looking at my driveway and the snow and ice that is still covering everything... I think I'll be perfectly content inside for another day.  

Usually by day three, the roads have cleared off enough to drive on without having to worry about the snow or ice.  From what I'm hearing, that's still not the case.  Pictures on Facebook and people's status updates are telling me that there's still PLENTY of snow and ice on the roads, and they still aren't safe to drive on.  The main roads are all "decent" enough, but the back roads are still pretty much a sheet of solid ice.  That's enough for me to know that I would rather not even take the chance.  I know there is some melting occurring, but if there's still any ice on the roads I'm staying at home.

Although, we do need some groceries.  We bought enough to keep us happy through the weekend, but our supply is dwindling down.  Thankfully, we have a little Walmart here in town and Hubby has already made it there just fine.  I'm voting for Hubby to go out and do the grocery shopping today.  He can either go to the Walmart Express, or he can take his chances driving to the Supercenter in the next two over.  Either way, I'm staying home.  Driving on snow and ice causes me terrible anxiety and fear, and it's no different if I'm in the car with someone else driving.  

He's going to need some kind of sleigh before he talks me out of this house. (And there's my connection to today's Christmas song.. HA!)

I'm one of those people that absolutely LOVES the snow, but absolutely HATES being out in it.  You're not going to see or hear me complaining (anymore) about the snow being on the ground, unless I'm forced to drive in it.  That's when I become a little testy and grumpy.  I love the snow not because I want to be out in it, I love it so that I don't.  It's a great excuse to be bundled up in my house, keeping myself occupied.  

Back when I lived in my old house, it took all of a day or two before I was clawing at the walls asking for the sweet release of freedom.  And that's when my complaining would normally start.  Mostly because the house was either leaking, or it was freezing cold because the heater was having such a hard time keeping the house warm, or the power was out, or because I panicked just a little from being in the middle of nowhere and would rather be able to drive away than worry about all the ice and snow on the back roads I had to drive on, or a mixture of all of the above.  Being that I didn't really feel comfortable in that house, sitting on the couch for more than two days was pure torture.  Back then, I did just about anything and everything to keep me away from there... so a few snow days were too much to handle.

Now, I can enjoy snow days in comfort and relaxation.  I can find plenty to keep me busy.  I can sit on my couch in front of my TV for hours and it not bother me a bit.  

I've always loved the cold weather.  I'm not a fan of 100 degree weather, and I'm not one of those people that love the cold during the summer and love the summer during the winter.  I stick to my guns when it comes to loving the crisp, cold air.  The only time I ever faltered on that statement was after a couple of snow days in my old house...but even then, I just wanted the snow to go away and the cold to stay.  Just so I could get out of the house.

I find humor in scrolling through the Facebook feed to see how many people are now changing their tunes about the snow.  Three days ago I saw plenty of statuses from people praying and pleading for snow.  Now, going in to three days later, some of those statuses have changed in to praying and pleading for the snow to go away.  There are statuses about how much summer is missed, and how people are more than ready for winter to be over.  

Not me.  

The only thing I am worrying about today is whether or not we're going to have school tomorrow.  Having snow on the weekend is fine.  I don't have to worry about whether or not I'm going to be forced to drive on snow and ice covered roads.  But, when there's a possibility that I have to return back to work and face those roads before it even gets light outside, the panic starts to set in a little.  

I feel a little bad about complaining about that, because I know plenty of people that have been driving to and from work since the snow started.  They have driven 25 mph all hours of the day and night to get where they need to be.  They all made it just fine.  They may have shared that it was a little scary, they slid a few times, or that other people on the road made them extremely nervous.. but they were all able to make it safely to their destinations.  But, once I get in my car, one little slide is enough to put me in to full panic attack mode.  Driving on snow and ice is almost like a phobia of mine.  Even knowing that the worst I could do is to slide off on to the side of the road, I still get shaky, and sweaty, and my heart starts racing at the mere thought of my car losing control.  

I'm not going to get myself all worried about it just yet, though.  Today I have plenty of work to do.  I did what I said I wasn't going to do anymore, and waited until the last minute to get all of my lesson plans done.  The good thing, though, is that I'm just moving stuff around from last week and I only have to come up with a couple of days of stuff to do.  I'm going to plan as if we're going back tomorrow, and then if we don't....then I'll change it again tomorrow.

Yesterday, I finished my first crocheting piece of the season.  I made an infinity scarf, and I really LOVE how it came out. So much so, that I've decided to keep it all for myself.  I'm even going to make a matching ear-warmer to go with it.   Here it is...


It was so easy to make, only took me a couple of hours, and is super warm and comfy.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook, and have already had a few people tell me that they want me to make one for them. I have already started another one, and I think I'm going to try and make a few of them over the next week...and then sell them.  If I can fit in a few ear-warmers and some flowers to use as accessories, I think I might be able to make a few bucks this time around.  

The only problem I have is making stuff on an order basis.  Time is an issue, and I'd much rather make a bunch of stuff and sell that than take special orders.  That way I'm not limited to deadlines and having to put off everything else while I'm worrying about how much I have to make.  Once again I waited WAY too late in the season to start.  Had I started several weeks ago, like I'd planned, I'd already have a nice hoard of stuff ready to sell for Christmas.  Sure, I can sell stuff all winter long, but it's before Christmas when people really want stuff like this.  I really must remember this next year, and start making stuff a lot earlier.

OK, I think I have gabbed on enough for today.  I have lots to do, and not as much time to do it as I'd like.  My lesson plans are not going to write themselves, my crocheting is not going to finish it's self, and my house is not going to finish being cleaned without me.  

First order of business is getting Hubby to go grocery shopping without me.  

Have a great day!!


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