Sunday, August 03, 2014

A Party Packed Saturday


What an amazing day it was yesterday.  A day I needed to recharge my spirits and get me out of the sickness and personal issues induced funk I'd been in all week.

First stop?  The land of Frozen.  I took the kids to a friend's daughter's 4th birthday party.  Jelly absolutely LOVES Frozen, so it was like a dream come true stepping in to a room that was completely transformed in to a Frozen Wonderland.  

I'm definite that my friend should start her own party planning company, because this is the 2nd birthday party I've attended that she's thrown this summer, and she definitely goes all out.  

The kids got to play games like Do you Want to Build a Snowman?  In which the kids had to use toilet paper and construction paper items to wrap up a designated person and make them look like a snowman.  The kids LOVED it.  Then, it was Pin the Nose on Olaf, and the kids had to be blindfolded and take turns trying to stick the nose stickers on a giant Olaf.  

After the kids played, it was time to dig in to the Frozen sugar wonderland that was spread out before them.  Cake, giant frosted covered marshmallows, frosted Oreos, sugar candy, frosted strawberries, and Frozen colored jelly beans made up the smorgasbord of sugary goodness for the kids to dive in to.  

And, no Frozen party would be complete without a Frozen piñata for the kids to smash.

All the kids had an absolute blast.

Once all the Frozen goodness was over, it was time to head on to Party #2.  

This year, we have a new principal.  Well, he's not "new".  He was the assistant principal last year.  Mrs. B is now the new assistant superintendent for our district, so Mr. K (new principal) is now the principal.  I am ecstatic.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Mrs. B, but I'm so excited Mr. K will be taking over now that Mrs. B is moving on up.

Anywho, Mr. K thought it would be a great idea to host a Back to School bash at his house for all the staff and their families so that we could reconnect and meet the new faces that will be in the building this year.  

The turn-out was great.  Almost all of the teachers showed up and it was so great to see the faces I've missed all summer long.  I tell ya, it's amazing how quickly I realized how much I'd missed everyone by seeing them yesterday.  It was like no time had passed, yet so much time had passed since we'd all been together.  

The teachers' kids all took off to the pool and all the staff made a giant circle on the lawn with their chairs and talked and laughed and caught up on the summer goings on.  

Sitting there, taking it all in, I realized one very amazing thing: How much like family we really are.  There is a reason I always wanted to teach in a small town school, and that's for the family feel the teachers and staff have.  Every small school I've ever been in had that feeling.  No matter what grade we teach, what hallway our classroom is located in, we are all one big family.  

It felt amazing to sit with the new assistant superintendent and the new principal and laugh and joke around.  It felt amazing to watch our kids all play together as if they'd known each other their whole lives (and several of them have). It felt amazing to chat and visit with the people I get to work with every day and realize how much I'd missed their faces and couldn't wait to get back in to the swing of things at work. 

It was exactly what I needed.  

The whole evening was great.  The food, the weather, and most definitely the company.  

Regardless of what I've said these past few days, it's been a great summer.  But, I now know I'm definitely ready to go back.  I've had enough of sitting at home getting lost in my own mind.  It's a scary place in my mind, sometimes, so I don't like to spend too long in there.  So, it's time to dust myself off and get back in to work mode.

I plan on getting back in to my classroom tomorrow and hitting the ground running.  I have so much to do and so little time.  But, I'll get it done.  I always do.  

Today, Peanut is off with her aunt and uncle meeting new family members.  So, while she's gone, Butter, Jelly, and I may venture out and do some school supply shopping.  I plan on working on some binders and classroom organizing ideas.  And most of all, I'm just going to enjoy my Sunday.  

The funk is over....Happy Me is BACK!!

Have an awesome Sunday, everyone!!!


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