Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just One More Day....


This is it.  The final day to make all of the last minute preparations for my sweet, new kiddos to enter the classroom tomorrow.  And I'm starting off this school year with not only a new look in the classroom, but also a new look on myself.  I finally decided to chop all of my hair off and I'm so glad I did.  I just love the cut and the color that my amazing hair stylist did for me.  It's easy to fix, it's light, and I LOVE the way it looks.  

Yesterday, I spent the day getting the classroom finished up for Open House.  I had to label EVERYTHING.  Name plates for the desks, name plates for the cubbies, names on the various clips I'll be using for various things.  I now know all the names of my students quite well, after having to write them so many times.  Today, I just need to fill in the birthday chart, and print off the back to school booklet I have my kiddos fill out on their first couple of days and I'll be good to go.  Of course, the printer needs to be working in order for me to do the last thing... it broke yesterday, that's never good. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it can be fixed today, because I'm not sure what I'll do if I can't use the back to school booklet.  It's one of the gifts I give the kids at the end of the school year to show them how far they've come over the year.  

Open House went well.  I only had about half of my kiddos show up to meet me, but they were excited to see their new classroom and their parents were really nice. In fact, I was shocked at how excited the kids were about being in my class.  Last year, I was met with face after face filled with fear and worry.  So many of my kids, last year, were terrified about being in my class.  Which I don't consider to be a bad thing...even though that sounds bad.  I think a small level of fear makes them a lot more susceptible to the procedures and rules they learn within the first few days.  They quickly understand that as long as they follow the procedures, they have nothing to worry about and life is good.  But, last night, I was met with hugs and cheers of excitement.  I had a few of the kids tell me that they'd hoped I was going to be their teacher.  And, I have to admit, the fear factor is always amusing, but the excited students made me feel really good.  It's a great feeling to hear that kids really want to be in my class.

I am lucky enough to have two students in my class that belong to staff members.  Being that their parents had to be at Open House the entire time, the kids decided they wanted to hang out in my classroom the whole time.  They helped show the other students where their desks and cubbies were, and they chatted about how they are going to get to play Minecraft this year, and how much fun they'll have with me being their teacher.  Some heartwarming sentiments, right there.  It's one thing for me to tell a student that he'll be just fine, but it's a whole other level when I have students in my classroom telling their classmates how lucky they are that I'll be the one teaching them.  

I was already excited about getting this year underway before Open House, but now I'm even more excited for tomorrow to come.  I have a feeling it's going to be a GREAT school year.  

My own children came up to visit me before they went off to meet their own teachers.  Jelly was in much better spirits, and I was happy to see that she was feeling better.  She told me that she went out to visit Gizmo before she'd left the house.  That was heartbreaking and touching at the same time.  I think it's finally sunk in that he's gone, and she's ready to move on and remember him the way he was. She told me that even though she can't take care of Gizmo, anymore, she can still go out and check on him.  She told me she wants to get some flowers to put around his grave.  She is such a sweet kid.  I am completely shocked by her level of maturity and care that she's shown in the past twenty-four hours.  

She told me last night that she wants to get another kitten, not to replace Gizmo, but because she wants another kitten to take care of.  I think that's a pretty good reason for her to get another kitten.  I just need to make sure that I get her one that's healthy.  I really don't want another situation where I'm spending out hundreds of dollars at the vet to make sure it's not infested with fleas and worms, and potentially dangerous to Jelly and Katniss.  That may sound a little selfish, but as much as Jelly loves nurturing and healing, I have to think about her safety and my fur baby's safety.  The reason I keep my cat inside is because I don't like the idea of fleas, ticks, and worms getting ahold of her.  I was very lucky when I got Katniss, because she had been treated for all of those things before coming to me.  I need to make sure I do the same for the new kitten that Jelly gets.  

OK, I think that's enough for today.  Jelly and I both have to get ready.  Jelly is getting to spend the day with her best friend while I'm at work.  It'll be really good for her.  Jelly is nervous about starting school tomorrow, so I think it'll be good for her to spend a day with her friend.  Jelly's friend's parents are so sweet, and I'm so happy that Jelly is best friends with their daughter.  I know I can go off to work and Jelly will be in good hands.  

Alright...this time tomorrow I'll be gearing up for my first day back to school with kids.  T-Minus TWENTY FOUR HOURS...and..... GO!


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