Saturday, August 09, 2014

Apparently I'm Not a "Normal" Teacher


This is a picture of a bulletin board in my classroom.  Newly updated with some new posters that I picked up yesterday.  The posters match the boarder, perfectly.  Which is a big deal, because I found out yesterday I'm not a "normal" teacher.

Yesterday morning, the kids and I went out and ran a few errands before Peanut had to go to show choir practice.  One of those errands consisted of going by the teacher supply store.  I really needed a new lesson plan book, and I also wanted to see about getting some new name plates for the desks.

Anywho, while I'm walking around the store, Peanut informs me that she wished I was like "normal" teachers.  What she meant by that is the fact that I don't get all ga-ga excited about decorating my classroom, making sure it's a matching theme, and spending hours trying recreate Pinterest ideas in order to glam up the place.  It's just not me.  Never has been, never will be.  

Sure, I like cute stuff.  I have lots of cute stuff in my classroom.  Take my reading board, for example.  It's still a work in progress, but when it's finished and the kids' sea creatures are all on the board with their names on them, and I've finished putting up the labels, it will look very cute.


But, this is the only board in my room that is apart of an ocean theme.  I could have done the whole classroom to match this theme, I have some stuff to do that... just didn't want to.  I'm more of an eclectic person.  Ocean theme on one board, frogs on another, I have tiger print border going around another bulletin board.  If anything, you could say I have an animal theme going on, because that's what my room is full of, but it's not intentional.  It's just the way it all worked out.

I don't have any cutesy throw pillows in my library or fluffy lanterns hanging from my ceiling.  I don't have colorful posters taking up every inch of wall space.  I'm just kinda simple when it comes to all that.  

I have walked in to classrooms and have been in awe with how wonderfully creative and cute everything is.  We have a new teacher that painted her classroom with a light gray chevron pattern on one wall, and light gray on the rest of the walls.  All of the items in the room match that color scheme.  She even made little seats out of crates that have the exact same pattern on the pillow tops.  It's ADORABLE!! When I first saw it, I let out a loud "WOW". Another teacher has everything in black and red.  Everything.  And, again, looks AMAZING.  And while I love seeing their rooms and drooling over how fantastic they look, I just can't bring myself to do something like that in my own room.

Maybe I'm lazy.  Maybe I don't even know where to start.  Maybe I don't want to spend out the money buying stuff when I already have so much great stuff at my fingertips, even though it doesn't all match. And I think that just maybe I'm OK with having a classroom that displays my personality.  Cause I'm a little mismatched.  I tend to be spontaneous, I often go off in a different direction than the rest of my team, and I'm just not a flashy, coordinated person.  It's who I am.  And if that doesn't make me normal, well...I think everyone already knows I'm far from normal, anyway.

I'm the kind of person that has boxes piled up under a table.  I have tubs of books sitting under my desk.  I don't exactly love the way it looks, but it doesn't hinder my ability to do my job and the kids don't even notice any of that stuff.  I've thought about buying some table skirts to place around the tables to hide that stuff.. I might still do that... but it's just because I'd like my room to look more neat and put together. 

At the end of the day, though, I'm completely content with the way my classroom looks.  I have put in a lot of hours getting it all neat and clean.  I have spent some time making sure that the bulletin boards have a purpose and will be used by the kids.  It's all good.  I'm happy.  I'm sure the kids will be happy. And that's all that matters.

Now, I have to go get in the shower because I have to take Peanut to another show choir practice... then it'll be time to get ready for our annual back to school block party.  That'll be a lot of fun, I'm sure. I just hope my new kiddos come out so I can meet them, and squash any fears they may have about being in my class.  I'm not joking.  I really have to do that.  Last year, I actually had a girl that cried when she found out I was her teacher... cause there's a nasty rumor floating around that I am a mean teacher.  HA!  OK, so I may have spread that rumor.  Maybe.  

But, the past two years, every kid has walked in to my classroom at the beginning of the year scared about what their new year will entail... but every kid has left my classroom LOVING ME, and telling me how much they'll miss me.  I know that'll happen again, this year.  Besides, I'm the teacher that teaches with Minecraft, what kiddo won't be excited about that?  

Have a great Saturday, everyone!!


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