Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Fun, and More Chip Talk


OK, so before I tell you about the fun I had yesterday, I need to make a semi recant of the opinion post I wrote yesterday.  If you remember, I wrote about how horrible the new Lay's Cappuccino flavored chips were.  I also stated that I doubted that the Mango Salsa would be any good.  That's the part I need to recant.  I got to try them yesterday, and they weren't just good.. they were AMAZING.  I was shocked to put a chip in my mouth that tasted so strongly of a fruit, yet still taste so delicious.  I also tried the Wasabi Ginger, and they were also pretty good.  But, right now, my favorite by far are the Mango Salsa.  They have a sweet Mango kick followed by a mild spice punch.  

I love Mango Salsa, and these chips come very close to having an authentic Mango Salsa flavor.  And, being that I've eaten chips with a Mango Salsa dip before, it makes sense to have a chip with this flavor.  This one, Lay's, you nailed on the head.  I'm going to be very sad when they aren't available anymore.  The Wasabi Ginger have a good flavor, but I think they'd have been better made on regular or wavy chips, and not the Kettle Corn version.  But, I'd eat them again.  

And now that part is over, I can get to talking about my Saturday. 

Yesterday, I did a whole lot of lazing around the house and then Butter, Jelly and I went swimming for a while.  It seems as if summer has finally hit our neck of the woods, giving us temps in to the upper 90s, with heat indexes in the 100s.  We didn't have that kind of weather during summer break.  But, now that it's here, we might as well enjoy the pool..finally.  We spent a couple of hours swimming, playing, and relaxing in the water.  The water was and refreshing.  

After swimming, I made some spaghetti for everyone to eat, and then I had to head out to pick up Peanut from her uncle's house.  I took Butter and Jelly along for the ride, because they also love going to Peanut's uncle's house.  

Peanut went over to her uncle and aunt's house Friday night.  Her Uncle K wanted to take her kayaking, as she's never been before.  They all said they had a great time, and Peanut told me that it's definitely something she'd love to do again...and again...and again.  Which is probably music to K's ears, because he loves kayaking.  In fact, we've already started thinking about going camping together when the weather cools down a little.  

I, also, had a great time going over there.  I love K's and M's (Peanut's aunt) company.  We can sit around talking, laughing, and having a great time.  Butter loves to hear anything and everything fishing and hunting, and K has plenty to talk about when it comes to those things.  I love talking to M about kids and life and just generally goofing off and making fun of men.  Jelly has a blast playing with her cousin that is just a little younger than her.  They are like two peas in a pod together, and I don't hardly hear or see her the whole time we're there, because she's off playing.  

We were there for a couple of hours, but time sure does fly when you're having fun.  It seemed like we'd only just got there when I looked at the clock and realized it was after 9:30PM.  Being that they live an hour away, we had to get on the road so that we could make it home before 11PM.

I have to say in all the excitement of Peanut getting to meet her dad's side of the family, K and M have really gone above and beyond to show Peanut that she is family.  Not that the rest of the family hasn't, they have all been super nice to her and reach out to talk to her often, but Peanut has really clicked with her uncle.  She adores him, and he adores her.  She knows that she can pick the phone up at any time and he'll be at the other end to talk, or gladly opens up his home for her if she just wants to hang out with him.  The same goes for her Aunt M.  And with some of the stuff she's dealing with right now, I don't think K and M realize how much it means to Peanut to have them there for her whenever she needs them.  

And, what makes me love them even more than just being there for Peanut is the fact that even though they are only Peanut's family, they have NEVER made Butter or Jelly feel like they aren't family too.  Peanut may get to go off and spend time with them alone, but K and M have told Butter and Jelly that they'll also get their chance to do fun things with THEIR Uncle K and Aunt M.  Butter is going to get to go fishing and hunting with K, and Jelly is going to get to spend the night with her little cousin.  

And that, folks, is what family is all about.  Looking beyond the bloodline, and accepting everyone in the family unit.  

Peanut loves having the chance to have her own piece of the attention, and having her uncle and aunt there for her to support her.  But, I love the fact that they are fully aware that there are other kids in the house that may feel a little left out...and are OK with bringing them in on the action as well.  

I really can't say enough good things about K and M.  They have been an absolute God send to Peanut, and it's so great to see her getting out of her room and going out to try new things with them. They are really helping fill the void that Peanut has with her dad.  I wish I could say that things were going as well with him, but they're not.  I'm not going to elaborate more than that, except to say that without them I don't think Peanut would be coping half as well as she is.  That means so much to me... more than they'll ever know.  

I just hope that if one day, Peanut can have HALF the relationship she has with her dad that she has with her Uncle K, things will be just about perfect for Peanut.  I'm not sure that will ever happen, but I do know that Uncle K and Aunt M will NEVER leave Peanut hanging, and Peanut will always have them there for her.  

And that means the world to me.  And Peanut.

OK, I need to get around and get some things done, today.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and is ready for the new work week.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


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