Friday, April 12, 2013

Day Nine: My Biggest Pet Peeves

Seems to me that there are a lot of lists on this blog topic list I "borrowed".  It kinda gets annoying after a while to just make list after list after list... but not annoying enough to be considered a Pet Peeve - or annoying enough to stop me from doing it.

So, here is another Top Ten list.  Today?  My Top Ten Pet Peeves:

1.  Loud Eaters.

This is somewhat more of a pet peeve... more of a make my skin crawl and my stomach turn kinda feeling.  I can't stand to hear people chew, slurp, breath loudly while chewing, swallow, or any other food eating noise.    And that applies to food and gum.  I can't stand to listen to people smack their gum while it's being chewed either.

2.  Movie/ TV Show Spoilers.

If you want to get my blood boiling then after I tell you about a new movie I want to see, follow up with "Oh, I've seen that and ________ happens and then __________ happens and then I was so surprised when it ended with _____________".  I may never speak to you again for a very long time.

3.  Sentence finishing psychics.

I'll admit it, I like to hear the sound of my own voice.  And that means when I'm talking, I like to finish my own sentences.  I'm not starting a new game where I'm trying to get you to guess what I'm about to say.  I don't think it's cute or cosmic or funny that a person is able to finish a sentence or thought I'm having... I want to be the one to say it.

4. Huh?

My wonderful son and many of my students are the cause of this new found pet peeve.  It's simply answering one of my questions with "huh?" even though I know full well they heard exactly what I'm saying - and then they are able to answer the question without me repeating it.  It's a defense mechanism to come up with an answer - I know that.  But, that doesn't mean it doesn't drive me completely nutso.

5.  Facebook "sharers".

I think it's a nice trait for people to share.  Heck, it's one of the many things I try to teach to my kids and my students each and every day.  But, there's a limit.  I can't stand it when people seem to do nothing but sit at the computer and share every single cutesy photo and saying and video that appears on Facebook.  I think people are getting Facebook confused with Pinterest.  I don't want to scroll through my news feed and see picture after picture after picture of kittens and rainbows and funny little sayings.  I just want to know what people are eating for dinner or what they saw on their drive home or their thoughts on the President and how he's responsible for every single problem in the entire world.  *sigh*  Let's leave the sharing of thousands of pictures to Pinterest... that's where you can share to your little heart's content.

6.  Slow drivers.

I'm going to classify this as a pet peeve rather than a symptom of severe road rage.  But, it seems to never fail that on my drive to work every morning... on the straight stretch of road that lasts about five miles and has a speed limit of 55mph... I end up getting behind someone who insists on driving 35mph.  I could kinda understand it if the road was curvy or had an 80ft drop on either side, but it doesn't.  It's a straight, flat road.  And it also never fails that during the only passing zones the person will either speed up or cars will be coming in the other direction.

7.  Pick-ups and SUVs that drive 10mph on a dirt road.

To go right along with my slow driver road rage pet peeve, let's mention this little gem.  I live on a dirt road.  I drove down my dirt road for many years in a tiny little Mazda 3 before purchasing my new Kia Sorento.  Even then, I could comfortably drive 30mph on the dirt road and not worry too much about any problems.  But, it just grinds my behind when I get behind a huge pick up or SUV that is supposed to have the ability of being an "all-terrain" vehicle..and they crawl along at 10mph.  What the what?  Why on earth buy a vehicle like that if you're not going to use it to it's full potential?

8.  Blog Spammers.

Over the years, I've become quite accustomed to my email inbox being SLAMMED by spammers.  In fact, on average, I delete about 100 emails a day from various companies and organizations that insist on sending me emails trying to get me to buy stuff.  And that doesn't even account for the thousand emails a day that get filtered by my Spam box in my email account.  A lot of that is my own fault because I insist on signing up for stuff knowing full well that my inbox is going to pay the price.  Fine.  That I can deal with.  What really gets on my nerves are the 10-15 "comments" I've started receiving almost daily on my blog that are spam.  No, I'm not interested in learning more about female escort services, male enhancements, website small businesses, travel sites, or German sausage wholesale.  By making a very lame effort of trying to make it sound that you read my "amazing blog about internet development software", which I've never blogged about in my entire life, isn't going to get you anywhere.  Why don't you stick to emailing me?  And, now I'm sure I've just opened a can of worms to about 50,000 more spammers just by posting this pet peeve.

9.  Counter hogger.

This isn't so much as a pet peeve as it is a minor annoyance... but this list is getting pretty hard to finish.  I, for some reason, started thinking about the other day when I was in McDonald's wanting to grab a quick lunch for the kids and I.  Before walking up to the line, I got what each person wanted and was ready to go.  I stood in line behind a couple of people.  The person in front of me was standing there for a few minutes before she was served.  She then got up to the counter and began with "hmmm, what do I want?"  Urm, why on earth didn't you decide that while you was standing in line waiting?  She then proceeded to survey and scan the entire menu having a conversation with herself about how she wasn't in the mood for this and didn't know if she would be able to eat all of that.  After a good several minutes, and many huffs and puffs from me standing behind her, she then ordered a small fry and a strawberry shake.  REALLY?  You had to talk yourself through the entire McDonald's menu for that?  If I can figure out what five people want before getting up to the counter, how about you decide on those fries and a shake before hand?

10.  Not closing cabinet and closet doors.

Again, another minor annoyance.  But, I really can't stand it when people (mostly my own family) leave cabinet doors open in the kitchen or any other cabinet or closet door.  I don't know why this annoys me so much, but it does.  If you open the cabinet to get out a bowl or a cup or a bag of cereal, would it be really that much trouble to close it again?

And there you have my top ten pet peeves.  And now I sound like a real complainer and whiner.  But, I would like to state that even though these things annoy the crud out of me - I'm not a person that gets angry or upset over most of the things on this list.  It's all just stuff that gets on my nerves a little...and we all have stuff like that, right?

Oh, and TGIF!!

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