Thursday, April 04, 2013

Day One: Twenty Random Facts

So, for the past couple of months, I've been...urm...let's say distracted.  I've been preoccupied with anything and everything going on in my life and it's caused somewhat of a strain on my blogging.  

The worst part is, the one thing that I would be able to write about every single day for the past couple of months is the one thing I can't talk about...yet.  

I have about 30 days - more like 26 - days until I can spill the beans.  And from where I'm sitting, that's pretty much a blogging eternity.  So, I did a little looking around and stumbled upon a blogging list of topics.  Thirty days worth of topics, actually, all about me.  

Many of the topics will cover stuff you already know about me... but I love the idea of having a blog topic waiting for me each and every morning.  Because, the hardest part of writing is coming up with something to write about.  Once I have a topic...well, then my fingers do the walking and my blog starts a talking.  

The first post is twenty random facts about myself.  I know this is going to be somewhat difficult... but I'll see what I can do.  Oh, and long time followers, I'd love to hear how many of the facts you already knew about me.  My life really is an open book, so let's see if I have any surprises left....

1.  I was born in London, England and lived there until I was 12.  I was then moved to probably one of the smallest towns in America located in Oklahoma.  It was nothing like I'd imagined or seen in the movies....and I was completely horrified and depressed once we got here.

2.  Despite hating the small town for a while and wanting nothing more than to move back to England - I wouldn't move back now if someone paid me to.  I love it here, now, and love the life I have and the person I've become.

3.  I do not have an English accent, and I will not "do an accent" for anyone.  I have a thick southern accent, but occasionally one of my kids or someone I know will point out that I've said a word "funny".  Also, if I spend a lot of time with my parents (like a couple of weeks), I start to get a hint of my accent back.

4.  The reason I lost my accent was because I was made fun of - horribly - for having one.  It was a daily taunting of hearing "Do you want a spot of tea?" or "Oh, you better check your schedule" (say it as shedule) and my favorite "You wanna throw another shrimp on the barby?"  Because the kids I went to school with had no idea that the latter was from Australia.  I was constantly told to go back to where I came from and that my accent somehow portrayed to people that I thought I was better than them...and heard about it all the time.  I figured the best way to handle it was to fake an American accent...which eventually led to the disappearance of my English accent.

5.  I ran away from home when I was 16 because I thought I knew everything and hated the fact that my parent's had rules.

6.  I had my first job at 14, working in my aunt's convenient store.  I always had a job after that... moving to my grandfather's restaurant when I was 15, then on to Hardee's when I was 16, and then Wal-Mart...and so on.

7.  I have had a total of 15 jobs in the 15 years that I've been working.  I've worked fast food, retail, customer phone support, front desk clerk, in a nursing home as a nurse's aid, in a pie factory, as a legal assistant, as an administrative assistant, as IT support, as a teacher's assistant, and as a teacher.  I've worked at several jobs for more than a few years...and many jobs for way less than a year.

8.  I've worked for Hardee's, Wal-Mart stores, Ramada Inn,  a local nursing home, Mrs. Smith's Pie Factory, Lifeline Long Distance, Capital One, Wal-Mart Legal, Wal-Mart Business Development, a local counseling agency, the local community college, and local school districts.  When I say I've been there and done that... I pretty much have.

9.  My favorite flowers are daffodils.

10.  I am the oldest of six children... being 31 and the youngest sibling is 16.

11.  I absolutely love zebra print stuff.  Pink zebra stripe, mostly, but plain ol' zebra is just as good.  I have a few zebra print clothing items, office items, and random stuff all over the place.

12.  I collect stuffed giraffes.  I started a couple of years ago after a visit to the zoo, and now have quite the furry collection.  I have traditional looking giraffes, funky colored giraffes, and crazy techno looking giraffes.  It's a part of a semi-family tradition... being that Jelly collects monkeys and Peanut collects elephants.

13.  My favorite kind of food is Indian food - even though I don't get to eat it near as much as I'd like.  I love to make curries and other Indian dishes at home, but I rarely get the chance because they take quite a bit of preparation and time. One of my happiest moments of adulthood was the discovery of new Indian restaurants popping up around the area I live.  There hadn't been a single Indian restaurant before about 5 years ago.

14.  I am the worst procrastinator.  In college, I wrote every single research paper the night before it was due.  Scratch that...take it back to my entire school life.  I do everything at the last minute.  I make lists and schedules and plans, but I very seldom follow them... instead I wait to do everything at the last minute and feel that my best work is done that way.

15.  I am extremely smart.  Yeah, I'll brag on myself a little.  I have never studied for a test, made a bad grade, or ever been able to not figure out how to do something.  I started reading when I was 5 and was on chapter books by the age of 7.  Math comes pretty easy to me, and I've never really needed a calculator for math.

16.  I absolutely love to read....just don't ever have enough time to do it.  My favorite books are teenage literature.  I like soppy teenage romances and dramas.  I'd much rather read the books in my classroom library than any of the "adult" books I have at home...and by adult I don't mean that kind of adult.  Get your minds out of the gutter.

17.  I have no real desire to ever get married...and simply because of the hassle I would have to go through to change my name.  I love Hubby and would love a wedding, but I have so much personalized stuff with my maiden name on it - I feel like it would be a waste to change it all.

18.  I absolutely hate to miss work for any reason, and have very rarely called in sick to any job.  In fact, I could count on one hand the amount of time I've missed work because I was sick.  Most of my time off has been because of sick kids.  And, the secret part is... it's not because I just loved my jobs so much to be there, it's because I'm always afraid I'll miss something important.  I feel like when I'm gone something always happens that pushes me out of the loop - and I hate that feeling.

19.  I am an attention junky.  I like being recognized when I do a good job, I like being bragged on, I like being mentioned for things I come up with.  I hate coming to my blog every day and seeing that no one has commented.  It makes me feel like somewhat of a failure or abandoned when I don't hear from people about stuff I've said, done, or accomplished.

20.  I'm not a fan of coming up with lists of stuff about myself.  Not that I don't love sharing every detail about myself - but it's very time consuming and requires a lot of thought.

OK, there's my first post for my thirty days.  It was a lot harder than I thought... I hope the rest aren't this difficult.


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