Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Birthday, P-Momma!!

P-Momma is code for Pseudo Mother-in-Law.  My pseudo mother-in-law to be exact.  She is the mother of Hubby's best friend in high school, and also the woman that took Hubby in when he needed a place to live during his late teen years.  She is a woman that both Hubby and I love very much - as in like a mother to both of us.

Eight years ago, when Hubby and I had moved in with each other, there were three people he wanted me to meet.  His parents.  And P-Momma.  He told me all about P-Momma, what she'd done for him, and how he felt about her...and how important it was for me to know her as she was ultimately a part of his family.

I remember the first time we showed up at her house.  Me, with my two children, and Hubby.  I expected her to think "Oh goodness, what's he gone and gotten himself in to now".  If that what she was thinking - she never, ever made that known to me.  She welcomed us with open arms in to her home.  Literally.  She gave me a hug the first time I met her.

It didn't take more than 10 minutes to realize why Hubby cared for her so much.  The whole time she was there she was getting stuff out to occupy the kids - who were only little at the time.  She was genuinely interested in hearing about how we met.  And she went above and beyond to make sure that I felt comfortable around her.  I left that house knowing that I would love her, and we'd build a special relationship.

In the weeks and months that followed, we spent a lot of time at P-Momma's house.  Cook-outs, lunches, stop-in get togethers.  The kids quickly took to her, and it wasn't long before both kids were calling her "Grammy".

In the past eight years, P-Momma has become one of my closest friends.  My mom will always be my mom - but who on earth wouldn't LOVE two mothers?  I share everything with her.  Whenever something amazing or terrible happens in my life - she's the second call I make (my mom usually being the first, but sometimes it's Hubby).  Sometimes even before Hubby.  But, sssh...don't tell him that.

When I found out I was pregnant with Jelly, it was so exciting to call her and give her the good news.  She was so excited for us, and became an intricate part of my pregnancy.  She would have been in the actual delivery room when Jelly was born had it not been for Jelly's bad timing - and P-Momma had to rush off to get her granddaughter ready for school.  She was there, though, with me all night through the pain and screaming.  She literally had to leave about 10 minutes before Jelly decided to come in to the world.  I was bummed.... but she was right there back at the hospital as soon as she took care of what she needed to take care of.

Since that day, P-Momma has built a very special relationship with Jelly.  In fact, she has a very special relationship with all three children.  They are all three her grandchildren, and Hubby and I are her children.  There's not a birthday, holiday, or special day that doesn't go by that she forgets.  And if I had a dollar for every weekend that one of the kids asks if we can go to Grammy's house, I'd be a VERY rich woman.

It has become tradition that Easter, Independence Day, and Christmas that we spend the day with P-Momma as close to the actual day as possible.  My kids wouldn't have it any other way - and neither would I.  Just this past Christmas as many before it, we visited her on Christmas Eve and opened gifts, ate her wonderful food, and the kids cried and whined about having to leave - even though Santa was on his way.  On Saturday, we went to her house and she had prepared 30 eggs for each child to hide and hunt - with their own personalized Easter baskets to hunt them with.  And this upcoming July 4th, we'll get together, cook out, swim, and enjoy each other's company...just like always.

Another bonus is that she gets along great with my parents.  Just a couple of weeks ago, my parents and P-Momma went out for dinner together.  That's the first time that's ever happened, but it is so warming to my heart to know that my parents and P-Momma get along.  They all love "their kids" and support them and want the best for them.  They have all proved that a thousand times over.

I could literally sit here for days and tell all the wonderful memories I have with P-Momma, all the wonderful things I love about her, all the reasons that she is a beloved member of my family.

We've shared happiness.  We've shared rough times.  We've supported each other through ups and downs of jobs, trials, and tribulations.  And I just know that I couldn't have done a lot in the past eight years without her.  No one could or would ever take the place of my mother in my heart... but she sure does come at a very close second.

When trying to think of something special to get her for her birthday, I wracked my brains.  Trying to buy a gift for that woman that can express how special she is to us?  Doesn't exist.  Christmas is easy, because her only request is a personalized calendar with pictures of the grandkids.  Yes, that's how amazing she is.  It means the world to her to have a picture of her grandchildren each month throughout the year.  But, trying to come up with a gift on her birthday?  Down right impossible.

It pains my heart to know that her birthdays go by without us buying her something special.  But, like I said, trying to find something to demonstrate how important she is to us is impossible to find.  I will make it up to her, though.  One day, hopefully soon, we will have a new house.  We will have a place for her to come and be waited on hand and foot - as she does for us each and every time we visit her.  I will think of ways to at least skim the surface of repaying her for all the wonderful memories and special things she's done for us over the years.  Of course, I'll never be able to repay it all back....that would take centuries... but I can at least try to do what I can.

I have been blessed with many wonderful people in my life.  Great kids.  A wonderful fiance.  Amazing parents.

And P-Momma.  Who is my mother away from my mother.  My rock when I need another to lift me up.  Another amazing grandmother for my children.  And the most special of friends.

When kindness, generosity, love, and all around awesomeness were being given out...she was at the front of the line.

And with all of this, what I'm trying to say is...



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  1. OMG! You've made me cry on my B-Day!
    Thank you or such a beautiful tribute and your love. I love ALL my Kids & Grandbabies so very much and know without question that they return my love, therefore have all that I need.
    You are my beautiful Daughter.
    Thank you again.


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