Wednesday, April 03, 2013

How About a Post Where I Don't Whine or Complain?

I'm feeling so much better this morning than I did yesterday morning.  It appears I stayed up most of the night  on Monday worrying about nothing.  All of those things on my list of worries and wants just melted away once I got back to work.

And getting around on only 2 hours of sleep wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be, either.  I got through the day checking off some major to-dos for the next few weeks.  I basically planned out the next four weeks of math and reading lessons... all I need to do, now, is write it all down and post it in my lesson plans.

Peanut's track meet was cancelled due to rain and cold weather.. I'm not going to touch that subject right now.  But, I was actually kinda relieved.  No, I don't want cold weather in April, but I also didn't want to have to pick her up at 10pm and then drive 45 minutes home.

I really expected to come home last night and pass out within an hour.  That didn't happen either.  Hubby cooked an amazing dinner of General Tso's Chicken and fried rice.  We ate and watched the new Cirque De Soleil movie.  It was a little weird, but pretty neat to watch.  It wasn't a movie by any means - just an hour and a half of watching some amazing acrobats perform - but I enjoyed it.

At some point during the movie, I moved wrong while sitting on the couch and pulled something in the back of my leg.  Go ahead, you can laugh.  Yes, I'm the person that injures herself while laying on the couch.  It started out as a little cramp, but I totally twisted wrong trying to massage it out...and now I'm hobbling around because whatever it is I did is freakin' sore.  I'm not complaining or whining, though.  I only shared that as pure comedic amusement for you all.

After the movie, I should have probably gone straight to bed, but then I got caught up in watching Rules of Engagement.  I freakin' love that show.  We're currently in the middle of watching all 6 seasons on Netflix.  It's one of the only sitcoms that makes me literally laugh out loud...non stop.  But, by 9:30 I decided it was most definitely time to get to bed.  And I managed to sleep all night without having any crazy thoughts or worries.  Yay me!

The rest of the week is still going to be pretty crazy busy... an after school meeting, a sub, a training, a track meet, and posting grades... but I'll get 'er done.  I always do.  You would figure that, by now, I'd be used to having so much on my plate - and I wouldn't stay up all night worrying about stuff.  But, I guess staying up all night and worrying makes it a lot sweeter when I discover that there's not much to worry about.  It makes me feel more accomplished when I'm able to tackle my never decreasing always increasing to-do list.

I should try and remember that more about myself... but, then, what would I have to whine and complain about?  HA!


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