Friday, August 09, 2013

A Routine Doctor's Appointment Leads to a "Procedure"

I have to make it a pretty quick one today, because I have to take a trip an hour and a half away to be at an appointment by 9:20 this morning... thanks to the doctor's appointment from yesterday.

The doctor's appointment was good.  Pretty routine...nothing for me to get my heart racing about.

I was really nervous going, for some reason... but I apparently calmed down enough by the time my blood pressure was taken, because it was really good.

All of my vitals were good, actually.

I had to have my blood drawn for my diabetes and cholesterol screenings...and that only took them sticking me 5 times to find a vein.  Ugh.  

I hate having blood drawn.  I have the deepest veins, and then they roll.  I know this because after having 3 kids, I've spent a good part of my adult life playing the role of a pin cushion.  Being stuck five times is nothing, though... my record is 14 times.  On the same day.  By the same nurse.

I only got one popped vein out of it, too.  Again, nothing I'm not used to.  Record being 4 popped veins in one sitting.

I've had several nurses tell me that at least I could never be a drug user.  Isn't that awesome?  I know that nobody's suspecting me of taking drugs when I go for a doctor's visit... because who would go through so much trouble with veins like mine?

Anywho... I finally get my blood drawn and will have to wait a couple of weeks to get the results.  I'll get a letter in the mail.  Unless it's bad...then I'm sure they'll call me.

After all the routine check-up stuff took place, the APN came in to check out the mole.  She took one look and agreed with my mother and my kids' doctor - it didn't look good.


She told me it was probably nothing to worry about, but she wanted it removed ASAP...just in case.  She explained all the signs that make it a cause for concern, and my mole checked off everything in her box...asymmetrical, jagged edges, dark color, and almost 6mm in size (it was 5mm, but she considered that close enough).  Also, it's on the bottom of my right it's a little weird for a mole to show up there.  It's not a sun exposed area, so she's not really sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Decision was made straight away that I needed to be referred to a dermatologist for a better review.

So, that's where I have to go this morning.  To a specialist that just happens to be over an hour and half away (thank you network insurance requirements).  

I'm not sure what is actually going to happen today.  My APN recommended for it to be removed, but I'm not sure if they'll actually do it today or if they'll just look at it and make me go back another day.  I'm praying it's not the latter, because a) it would be cheaper to just get it done today, b) I don't want to have to take time off of work when it's something I could have done before I go back to work, and c) if it's so bad, then surely the sooner it comes off the better.

I'm not sure if the doctor will decide to biopsy or not.  I'm figuring he probably will, just because it checks off all the "bad" markers.  

I kinda expected to feel a little more freaked out than I am.  I mean, having a mole that raises so much concern should freak me out, right?  But, I have always been a firm believer in being optimistic.  OK, it's a nasty looking mole.. but maybe it's just a nasty looking mole.  Maybe it's a nasty looking mole that could one day turn in to something more.  My views are going with it's nothing, and getting it taken off is just being precautionary.  

It's not worth getting all frantic until there's something to get frantic about, right?

AND, a sick mind can lead to a sick body.  

I truly believe that.

So, your thoughts are requested today as I go in for this kinda sorta scary procedure.  Hubby is going along with me for moral support...even though he hasn't slept all night.  He works 3rd shift, but he doesn't want me going alone.  Good guy I have, right?

I'm sure my mom would have gone with me if I asked her, but she's got enough going on with getting 6 kids up and ready for school (they've already gone back in Oklahoma) without having to worry about getting to my house in time to make the long drive to my appointment.

I'm just ready to get it over with.

So, I better go get ready so I can do that.


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