Monday, August 26, 2013

Life Without Internet or TV

I'm writing this post at my normal time...around 5AM.  Except, when I'm finished, I won't be able to upload it to my blog like I usually do.  And that would be because I don't have any internet right now.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was working at my computer on some lesson plans, our doorbell rang.  I got up to answer it, and it was a man who told us he was the neighbor's son.  He had been mowing his dad's yard, and had accidentally ran over some wire that looked to be cable or phone wire.

Don't ask me how he ran it over.  I guess the wire from the cable box to the pole wasn't buried or something... because he completely mangled it.

Anywho, at first, we thought it wasn't our cable wire.  I had been working on the internet right up until he rang our doorbell, and we don't have a home phone line.  Our internet is delivered to us via our cable company.

The guy apologized profusely, we told him not to worry that much about it, and he left.

We walked back inside...and when I saw the screen of my computer, realization hit.  I saw that big, annoying message on my computer screen:  Page can't load, no internet connection detected.

I had one of the kids go and check their TVs, and sure enough... No Signal Detected.

Dang it.

Of course this had to happen early Sunday afternoon...when there's not a chance in Hades to get anybody out to fix it.  Hubby called our cable company, and the earliest they could get someone out is today (Monday) between 1-3PM.

So, since it's happened, we've had no TV service or internet.

I tell you what, we haven't had the best of luck when it comes to our new neighbors.  Sure, they are nice enough... but since moving in, we've had two of their trees destroy different parts of our back fence during storms...during different storms at different times...and now mowed over cable lines.  

During times like this, I remember why Hubby didn't want neighbors when it came to buying a new house.  That's because we have never really had the best luck when it came to neighbors.  In our old house, when we first moved in, we had two sets of neighbors that fought constantly..and there was always cops knocking on our door because they had either gone to the wrong house, or they were asking us if we had any information regarding the neighbors' little disputes.  When one of the neighbors finally moved out, the neighbors that stayed would never fix their fence that held in their horses...and it was not uncommon to wake up one morning and find a huge horse or two standing in our front yard.   

I tell you what, even though I don't really watch much TV, not having internet sucks big grasshopper balls.  Especially when it's my morning ritual to get up and type up my blog.  I'm scared to death that I'll get all of this written, and it won't save because it can't be uploaded and I would have written it for nothing.  

Not only that, but it totally messed up my Candy Crush playing.  

I've spent over a week trying to clear a level that would take me to the next "world".  I kid you not, not even five minutes after the whole neighbor visiting ordeal, I passed the level.  And, because of having no internet... I couldn't get my phone to sync to my Facebook account so that I could ask for tickets to help me unlock the next world.  I downloaded a new update on Saturday, and I guess it somehow messed with the connectivity between my phone and Facebook when I'm not on a Wi-Fi connection.

Talk about ticked off.

I'll openly admit I'm addicted to Candy Crush.  I have figured out that even though I only have 5 lives on my phone... I can get additional 5 lives playing from my iPad and another 5 playing on the computer.  I usually spend a good part of my evenings going back and forth between my iPhone and my iPad to get lives.  Unfortunately, with no internet, I can't play on my iPad...but I can play on my phone because I have 4G service.  

It was after 9PM last night before I finally got my phone to sync up and realize that I'd received the tickets I needed to unlock the next levels.  

For the time in between losing the internet and getting my phone to allow me to play Candy Crush, I did what any normal person would do in the event of losing their main sources of entertainment... I opened up a book.  I read for a while, then took the kids swimming for a while.  All three kids and I played in the pool until after 7:30 last night.  Then it was inside for showers and getting stuff ready for school today.  I decided to read for a little while longer before it was time for bed.

I really hope that my cable company makes it out here today to fix our stuff.  I don't like not having internet.  We use it to watch TV on Netflix.  I use it to play Candy Crush and blog.  Hubby uses it to play his games.  And while I shouldn't be so dependent on the internet to provide so much entertainment for our family... I do...and miss it dearly when it's gone.

Well, I had better get to getting ready for work.  Hopefully this won't all disappear the moment I close my iPad down..and it will save this post for later.

Fingers crossed.


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