Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Kiddos Go Back to School Today!


The kids go back to school today...

School Today..

School Today...

The kids go back to school today...

And the Mommas are all so happy!

Teachers?  Not so much.  Except me.  

I can't believe it's finally here.  The day I've been preparing for the past two weeks.  No more time to plan or prepare or clean or organize....because today....


The sad part is, though, even though I've been preparing for the past two weeks, I still had to put in 11 hours yesterday and 12 hours the day before so that my classroom was up to par.  And I still didn't get everything done that I wanted to.

My own kids aren't anything like the kids in that pic up top.  Nope.  They are jumping up and down with excitement right along with that Momma.

One thing I love about my kids is the fact that they enjoy school.  Haven't always, but definitely do now.

Peanut is an 8th grader.  Her last year of jr.high before she goes off to high school.

Butter is starting his first year of jr.high as a 7th grader.

And Jelly is starting her very first day of school as a kindergartetner.

Three months off for the summer is just about the right amount of time for the kids to really feel how much they miss school, and fuel their excitement to return.  Usually by the first week of August, Peanut and Butter are ready to return.  No matter how much fun they have over the summer, or how many visits they make to friends' and family's houses...they are ready to trade it in to get back to their school friends and school activities.

Jelly has been ready and excited since around the first week of June.  That's because she's just so dang excited about finally going to "big school".  I kid you not, every single night at bedtime for the past month she's asked me if the next day is going to be a school day.  And guess what was the question she didn't ask me last night.  Figures, right?

But, she knew.  They all knew.  Because they were all waiting for me anxiously to get home from work, so they could bombard me with back to school preparation.  

My plan on being the mom that makes all the lunches, gets out their first day clothes, and tucks them all in to bed went out the window.  They all wanted to make their own lunches, pick out their own clothes, and Jelly was the only one interested in me tucking her in.  


I did get to spend about 30 minutes filling out Jelly's paperwork that she received at open house.  I could have sworn I filled out the exact same papers when I enrolled her, but I'm used to doing that each year.  Filling out the same paperwork over and over and over again.  I'll have to do the same thing tonight when Peanut and Butter bring their paperwork packets home.

They have all planned for a staggered wake up this morning.  Peanut is getting up right now, supposedly...although I don't hear any movement.  I should probably go and check on that.  She requires the most amount of time to fix her hair and put on her make-up and all that jazz.

Jelly will get up around 5:45, so that she can brush her teeth, get dressed, and hopefully let me fix her hair.  

Butter will be the last up... because he takes the least amount of time to get ready.  He just has to brush his teeth, throw on his clothes, and he's ready to go.

And they will all HOPEFULLY let ME get their lunchboxes ready to go.

This is the first year that my kids have ever taken their own lunches.  It's always been easier to eat the school lunches... but with three kids now in school, and a hike in lunch prices, it just seemed cheaper to make their lunches.  Plus, I will know that the kids are eating what they need to eat.  With Peanut and Butter both being active in sports, I can be sure that they are eating enough to prepare them for their grueling work-outs.

Last year, I was always so worried about Peanut going off to volleyball or track.  She would hardly eat anything at school because she didn't like the lunches.  Then she would spend two hours working out.  She often complained of headaches and not feeling this year, I can make sure she's getting enough carbs and protein to get her through her workouts.  The same goes for Butter.  Playing football in the heat requires the right diet...only I can provide that.

Well, I think it's just about that time to drag myself from the porch to begin the festivities.  Plus, I also need to think about getting myself all beautified for my first day.  Can't show up to my first day looking like I have the past couple of days.  New school year means new start.  Might have to throw on some make-up and actually fix my hair.  DOH!

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes....and even include pics!!

Have a great day... I know I will!!


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  1. Can't wait to hear about your first day back!!!


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