Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Down, Two to Go...

My first day back to work was great.  And I only have two more days to go until I'll have a classroom full of new faces and the new school year officially begins.

Yesterday was mostly meetings... but I was able to get a bulletin board decorated.  That's about the extent of work I got completed in my classroom. 

Thankfully, I've been working on and off in my classroom for the past two weeks... so I don't have that much more to go before it's all ready.  I will have about an hour this morning before another meeting, and a couple of hours this afternoon.

It has to be done today, though, because tonight is Open House.

Tonight, my new kiddos will get their first glimpse of their new classroom.  They'll get to see where their desk is and their cubby and who else they know in the class.

All I really have to do is get the name plates on the desks, label the cubbies, put away all the piles of stuff I've been sorting, and I'll be ready to go.  

Of course, I just have to make sure I buckle down and actually do that stuff.  I have a really bad habit of wanting to visit with everyone and letting my time slip away.

Take yesterday, for example.

We were released to go at 3:30.  Meetings were over, and our work day had come to an end.  Of course, that was a perfect time to sit down with my team and discuss our new schedules and what our plans were for our first couple of days with the kids.

Before we knew it, it was 5:30!

Guess I got back in to the swing of things a lot sooner than I thought I would.  That's pretty much the norm for us.  Staying until everyone else has not only left, but are probably home and already laying in front of their TVs.  

I still don't have working AC in my classroom, which makes it very hard for me to focus on what needs to be done.  I get in there, start working on something, and then have to step out just to cool down.  Which leads to me getting distracted...and my 5 minute cool down time turns in to 30 minutes chatting to a co-worker.

It's not supposed to be so hot today.  I woke up to rain, again, this morning.  However, that probably means it will be humid...so opening up the windows in my room won't bring me much comfort.  I just pray that the AC is working before school starts... or it will be one very long first day back.  That many warm bodies in an already warm room can be quite uncomfortable.

If I have to, I'll load up a couple of fans to take to work with me.  That has to be better than nothing.

One thing that came out of my meeting yesterday was my responsibilities for club sponsors.  I am excited that, for another year, I am a Jr. High student council sponsor.  While I don't ever really want to teach Jr. High, I love having some interaction with them.  Especially now that Peanut AND Butter are both going to be in Jr. High.  

Alright, that's my first day recap.  I'm pumped and excited for today... I love Open House.  And I know that it will motivate me to get everything done.  I want my room to be perfect when those faces start appearing.  

Have a great Tuesday!


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