Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Apparently, I'm the Only Person to NOT See the VMAs


Sunday night, while apparently the entire country was watching the VMAs, I didn't have I couldn't watch.

Which, from what I'm hearing, was apparently a blessing in disguise.  

My Facebook feed, every social media and news outlet in the world, and several conversations at work  have been lit up with the diabolical and disgusting performance given by one Miley Cyrus during the event.

When I first heard about it, my first reaction was to assume that people were overreacting to nothing.  That she probably took the stage in a skimpy outfit that wasn't considered "appropriate" for the young audience members that were watching at home with their families.  

Surely it couldn't be as bad as everyone was saying.

Dads writing open letters to their daughters threatening severe punishment if their own daughter acted that way, news media calling her "attention seeking" and "the making of a porn star", and seeing people refer to her as a "spoiled, trash brat", "slutty", and "totally looking ridiculous..the very opposite of sexy, which was what she was attempting" peaked my interest.

Was her performance really so bad?

Last night, I got my answer.  After all the hype, I just had to see what it was all about.  So, Hubby looked it up on YouTube, and we got our answer.

Simply:  YES!  YES!! It really WAS that bad!

Hubby could only stomach 2 minutes of the 6 1/2 minute video before handing it off to me.  I watched, gawking at the screen the entire time, wondering what on EARTH that girl could have been thinking?

I've heard plenty of people say that she was trying to make a statement that she's way past her Hanna Montana stage.  That she wants to come out as an adult, a woman, no longer that cute girl that tweens watched with wonder and awe.  

She got her wish, alright.  But, did she really have to go to such measures?

When she was using a foam finger to fondle herself, and sticking it between her legs to air hump fans below,  my stomach twisted in knots.  My first thought was "My daughter used to worship this nasty girl!  What the heck is she thinking by acting that way?"

Ahh, Mommy Moments, got to love them, right?

And don't get me wrong.  I've often disagreed with certain opinions about performances.  It doesn't bother me to see a young singer in hardly any clothes performing on stage.  I don't get all disgusted and bent out of shape about showing too much skin or making a performance a little older than what probably should be done. But, what she did in that performance?  DISGUSTING!!

All I saw when sitting through that torture was a desperate girl starving for attention.  Like she doesn't get enough.  But, does she really want THAT kind of attention?  I guess bad media is better than no media, right?

And, Taylor Swift in the inset picture up top is pretty much what all of America did when watching her performance.  She represented the masses by making it perfectly clear:  We Just Don't Want to See That!!

I'm not sure if she was trying to pull off a tribute to Madonna or Britney Spears (which is something else I've read)... but it failed miserably.  I'm pretty sure both Madonna and Britney are celebrating after seeing that debacle.  They are calling up all of their friends and family asking "Do you still think my performances were that bad now that you've seen Miley Cyrus in action?"

And the answer is: No.  Madonna and Britney are now tame kitties compared to the lioness of nasty that has now taken the throne.

I have to agree with one concerned father when he said in an open letter to his daughter (via a blog I read this morning) that this is exactly what happens to a young girl that lives in a world where she thinks everyone hangs on every word and picture she ever put out there, raised in a home she probably never heard the word "NO", and still complains that life doesn't treat her fairly.

So, people still look at her as the cute gal that once stared on a Nick show.  SO WHAT?  That doesn't mean others don't listen to her music.  Are those young girls not good enough fans?  Not good enough to Miley, apparently.  

She wanted to broaden her horizon.  Get an older population rooting for her and "accepting" her as an adult.  Well, she should be careful what she wishes for.  Because now, she's got an adult reputation a nasty, desperate, spoiled brat who will do anything for attention.

Tsk, tsk Miley.

I guess the good thing that came out of all of this is that parents won't have to spend much time threatening their daughters... because if the opinions of Miley's performance from the teen girls I've talked to the past couple of days are anything like the rest of the country's teen population...parents have nothing to worry about.  When teen girls are able to show their disgust towards her performance... there's still hope in the world. 

And that's all I have to say about it.  

Have a good Wednesday!!



  1. Her performance was horrifying, but what also horrifies me is the people who are saying it was no big deal!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, there will always be those people that just don't see the "big deal" in situations like this. Most of the time, those people don't have kids or are the parents of kids that act that way. And really, being that she's 20 years old.. she's free to act and do whatever she wants, I suppose. The problem comes when kids are exposed. The VMA's are a family event.. kinda. The network knows how many teens watch it, and how many families gather around to see their favorite singers. It's just sad that knowing that, she still felt the need to turn her act from PG13 to X-Rated.

      That's a very big deal!! Thankfully, from what I've seen the consensus seems to fall on the side of shock and horror. There are a minor few that don't see the big deal, but for once..the majority agrees that it was uncalled for. I suppose that's a good thing.


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