Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well, That Wasn't So Bad....

My suspicious mole saga is over.  Finished.  It's gone...and now I don't have to worry about anything, unless the pathology report comes back with something.  And the doctor's not expecting that at all.

And, I can't believe I was so nervous about having the procedure done.  It was the most easy "procedure" I've ever had in my life.

When I'm told that I need to have something "surgically removed", I think green gowns, face masks, gloves, needles, and blood...always blood.  

But, there were none of those things...besides the gloves.  All doctors wear gloves just to come in to the room...if he didn't, I would have hit the bricks wondering what on earth he was thinking.  

I'm getting a head of myself.

After finishing up my blog yesterday, I got dressed and Hubby and I hit the road a little before 7am.  My appointment was at 9:20... but we expected for the drive to take about 2 hours.  We were traveling up to Joplin, Missouri, because one of the benefits of teaching in a Missouri school is Missouri health insurance and Missouri in-network doctors.  There are about a dozen dermatologists within a 30 mile radius of where I live, but none of them fall under my insurance plan.  Figures.

So, we make the long trek to Joplin...which turned out to not be so long because we got there at 8:30.  

I wasn't nervous at all during the drive, but for some reason, the minute we pulled in to the parking lot, I started getting a little worried.  I felt the same way before having my wisdom teeth pulled a couple of months ago.  Any time I know there will be needles in my vicinity...and a strong possibility of seeing my own blood... I get nervous.  And a little woozy.

I got in there and all signed in, and thanked myself for bringing a book a long.  It was something to do to pass the time while I was waiting, and that helped calm my nerves.

I finally got called back.  Hubby came back with me, and we were shown in to a sterile room.  One plus was that there was a TV in the room.. Fancy!  While we waited about 20 minutes for the doctor to come in, I was able to watch some HGTV.  I love me some HGTV.

Doctor came in, with an APN, and a nurse.  They all introduced themselves and got right down to business.  I expected to have to change in to a gown, but the doctor just asked me to lay on the table and pull up my shirt just enough to show them them mole on my boob.  It was on the underside of my boob, so I was able to show them without flopping the whole thing out.  The doctor and the APN hummed and haad for a few minutes, poking and prodding.  Then, the doctor told me he wanted to remove it and send it off for testing "just to be on the safe side".  They checked all over my back and my arms for other moles or skin tags that could be a call for concern, but didn't find anything.

The doctor assured me that he doubted very much that the pathology test on the mole would bring anything back.  The test would be more for my peace of mind.  And a bigger hole in my pocket.. but that's neither here nor there.  Can't put a price tag on health, right?

So, he told me to lay back again, pull up my shirt, and it was time to get it done.  He forewarned me of what was to happen...he'd be injecting some local anesthetic that would sting.  A lot.  He would then slice off the mole and burn the opening to stop any bleeding.  

Can you say "check please?"  I was more nervous then.  Really nervous.

I just laid there and held my breath.  I felt his fingers, and he told me he was starting.  I waited a few minutes...expecting the stinging sensation to start...and then he suddenly turned on this thing that looked like a welding tool...zapped it to my skin and told me he was all done.

What the What?

I hadn't felt a thing.  Not even the injection to numb me.  All of two minutes and it was over.  I had a tiny bandaid placed on the mole sight and was told I was all done.

He'd stuck a needle in my boob.  Cut off a mole with a scalpel.  Burned my bleeding skin.  And I didn't feel so much as a scrape.

That's what I'm talking about!!

We were up and out of the door in less than an hour.  And I could have driven myself and it wouldn't have mattered a bit.  No fuzzy side effects.  No pain.  Popping a zit hurts worse than having a mole removed.  

Of course, once I heard the words "we'll bill you", I knew that the pain would come.... when I received the lovely bill in the mail.  But, I'll just wait until that happens.

Hubby and I decided that being that we'd driven all that way, we might as well go do a little exploring around Joplin.  I've only ever been there once before, and that was an in and out type of thing back when I had to get my teaching license transferred.  We went to the mall, and grabbed some lunch, and visited the new Walmart that was built after the nasty tornado took out the last one.  It was much fancier on the outside, but the inside looked just like every other Walmart I frequent.

On the way home, I stopped at my school...being that I had said I'd go in to work yesterday afternoon. I didn't really feel like working, and being that Hubby had been up for close to 24 hours, I didn't think it was fair to make him sit very long in my classroom.  So, I sorted a few supplies that had arrived and we came on home.

I really expected some pain to start once the local anesthetic wore off, but I still haven't felt a thing.  I haven't looked at it yet.  The bandaid is still on it...and I'll have to take it off soon.  I was told to keep it on for 24 hours...that time is just about up.  I guarantee that removing the bandaid will probably be the most painful part of the whole experience.  It's no cheap bandaid they put on me.

All in all, though, not a bad experience at all.   Don't know why I was so worried.

Today, I have the Back to School Block Party going on.  Before I go, though, I have to get some grocery shopping and laundry done.  So I better get to getting.

My summer break is officially over tomorrow.  Monday morning, I'm back to work for the 2013-2014 school year.  

This summer has flown by, but I'm ready.  

But, now... I just have to go and get ready.


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