Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting Good Use Out of My Sam's Membership


 Hubby and I have had a Sam's membership for as long as we've been together.  Mostly because Hubby was working for Walmart when we met, and I started working for Walmart soon after.  Once I left Walmart, I gave up my membership and we both just used his.

In the 8 years we've been together, Sam's has been a place we go on the hunt for one particular item. Or a few things here and there.  We've NEVER gone to Sam's and bought a whole bunch of stuff at one time.

The closest we got was going there before July 4th to get stuff for the family barbecue... but even then we just bought buns and hamburgers.  All the other fixings we bought from Walmart.

It just hit me... using these store names, I'm going to end up getting bombarded with Spam.  Hopefully my Spam filter is really working.  

Anywho...last school year, the kids weren't very happy about the school lunches.  They taste OK, it's just that they don't get enough food.  When the kids were playing sports last year (Peanut for volleyball and track, and Butter when he tried out for basketball even though he didn't make the team), they both complained of headaches and not feeling well after practice.  And I put it down to the fact that they hadn't eaten enough.  

So, this year, I decided with now three children in school, it might be better if they started taking their own lunch.  With lunch prices being $1.65 per kid and breakfasts being $1.30 per kid...the money can really start to add up.  For the kids just to eat lunch, I'd be spending $100 a month.. and for the kids to have both breakfast and lunch, it would cost around $175.  I was positive that I could use that money, less actually, for the kids to take their own lunches....and have more food to eat.

Which is where our Sam's membership finally came in very useful for the first time in eight years.

I decided that if the kids were going to be taking lunch every day and eating breakfast before they left AND wanted a snack of some kind before their sport was time to buy in bulk.

We took the trek to Sam's yesterday afternoon and for the first time EVER, left with a full cart.  I was able to get chips, crackers, peanut butter, breakfast bars, granola bars, Pop Tarts (kids must have variety..LOL), and stuff for them to drink that should last almost the entire month...and spent about $100.  All I have left to buy, now, is bread each week.  We also picked up a 4lbs ham at Walmart for $ there is meat for sandwiches if they want that instead of PB&J.

So, I spent quite a bit less money... but now get to choose the food my kids eat each day...AND there's much more of it, so they are fed appropriately for their vigorous activity that takes place after school each day.

We've managed to get ourselves in to a nice routine each morning preparing lunches.  I worried a little that it would mess with us getting out the door on time, but each child takes on getting stuff ready for their own lunch...even Jelly has a hand at fixing her own lunch...they grab something to eat for breakfast, and we're out the door.  No fuss.  No hassle.  On time.

I kinda like the feeling of having those few minutes together in the kitchen each morning.  All the kids are helping each other, and making sure everyone has everything they need.  It doesn't happen very kids all working together and helping each other, that is.  So, if that's how we get our day started each day, I can kick my day off in a great mood.

Alright, that's enough rambling from me for one day.  

Time to do laundry and clean my house!!



  1. I spend about 200 a month at Sam's on meats, milk, eggs, juices, dinners, and snacks. Also condiments in bulk every three months or so. After all that, I only have to spend about 100-150 more at a food saver type (cost plus 10%) place. All in all our grocery bill is about 350 for a family of four. I love Sam's!

    1. We budget $600 a month for groceries, but very rarely do we use that much. That only happens when we miss a week of meal planning, and buy groceries each day. That always ends up coming out more expensive. Our usual bill is about $100 a week..and now with homemade lunches being throw in to the mix, that might increase by another $100 a month. Still, I don't think $500 a month is that bad for a family of 5. Sam's will definitely help us keep our budget down, though, that's for sure!


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