Monday, August 19, 2013

Here We Go With Week #2

Well, this weekend was probably the most boring weekend I've had in months.  Since I pulled in to the driveway at 9PM on Friday night, I didn't leave it again until 7PM last night...when it was time to go and pick up Peanut from her friend's house.

I don't recall the last time that's happened.  

Even on weekends that we have nothing planned, we usually end up making a Walmart run or something.

And honestly?  It was kinda nice.  A great way to get my head in the game for this upcoming week.  

Of course, it drove Butter stir crazy.  That boy just isn't made to sit around the house.  He can only stand so much of playing his video game, riding his bike, or shooting some hoops in the driveway.  He wants to be on the go pretty much all of the time.  We finally have a house that offers a huge front and back yard (that is finally mowed) and he can't find anything to do to amuse himself. 

Had it been warm enough, it would have been a great weekend to spend in the pool.  But when the temps are barely making it to 80...which doesn't happen until late in the afternoon...Hubby hasn't been as vigilant about cleaning out the pool everyday.  I'm not even sure the pool will be used anymore this year.  By the way the weather has been acting, summer is pretty much over and we're taking a quick run in to Fall.

This week, however, will be full of plenty to do.  It's the first full week back at school...and the first week both Peanut and Butter start their athletic schedules.  Peanut will be trying out for the volleyball team, and Butter will be playing football.  Peanut made the volleyball team last year, so I'm hoping the same happens again this year.  Butter is lucky and doesn't have to worry about making the football team... the coach keeps all the players.  

At the end of school each and every day, Peanut and Butter will load up on a bus and be taken to the high school...which is in a completely different town.  That's where kids from all of the jr. high schools in the district come together to form the sport teams.  They practice until 5:30 each and every day, and then get delivered back to me at my school via bus around 6PM each evening.

That makes for a long day for all of us.  But, I also love the convenience of it.  They can still participate in sports without it costing me a fortune in gas to drive them back and forth to practices.  The only downside is that I have no choice but to stay at the school until 6PM each and every night.  It's too far for me to drive home and then go back to get them.  I do get plenty of time to take care of my stuff in my classroom, though, like preparing for the next day, grading papers, and filling out any paperwork that needs to be kept up with.

My only concern this year would be Jelly.  Last year, she stayed at daycare.  I would run and pick her up between 5 and 5:30, which only left me a short time to keep her occupied until the kids got back.  This year, because she's now in "big school" she gets delivered to me at 3:30 each day...and then I have to try and keep her amused until 6PM.  Thank goodness for SmartBoards and Netflix!  I can set her up a cozy space on the floor with the use of beanbags and pillows, throw on a cartoon on the SmartBoard, and she will stay pretty quiet for a while.  This week, I'll also be spending about an hour in the gym each afternoon working she'll be able to play around with a basketball or a jump rope or hula hoop while I'm walking and jogging.  Fingers crossed she doesn't go stir crazy...and make me stir crazy in the process.

Back to school is a big adjustment for everyone.  Both Peanut and Butter are going from sleeping late, lazing around all day, and having fun to full days at school followed by 2 hours of vigorous exercise.  Jelly is going from spending her days doing the same things, and moving in to days full of school work and then spending 2 1/2 hours at school with me.  By the time we get home, everyone is just tired and cranky.  It will take a while to adjust, but in no time...we'll be accustomed to the new routine and schedules.  It's just the interim that we have to get through.

I am fully prepared for my first week having kiddos in my classroom.  I can't remember exactly how I felt this time last year, but I'm sure I was pretty nervous about it.  Being that it was my first year, and I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do or how I was going to do it.  This year, I'm ready, prepared, and totally at ease with what is about to come my way.  My lesson plans have all been written, my materials are ready to go, and I've spent the weekend running through procedures and protocols in my head that I need to go over with the kids.  

The first full week back is always pretty crazy.  Beginning of the year tests have all been scheduled for this week, and will give me a better understanding of the needs in my class.  Throw in all the pretests that have to occur for starting our various units...and by the end of the week, the kids are tested out.  Not the greatest way to spend their first week back, but once they are all out of the way... the real fun can begin.

Speaking of which.. I better go and get ready for all that fun.

Happy Monday!!


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