Friday, October 04, 2013

I Could Have Been a Child of the 70s


Look!!  I didn't forget this time!  I actually made sure I got a photo BEFORE I even left for work, so that way it was done and over with.  I know it's kinda blurry...but Butter did the best he could with taking the photo.  The point is to see my can see the dress.  So, he did what he needed to do.

I didn't just get a picture of my outfit, I even got a close up of my 70-ish hair and make-up...


Even though I really don't LOVE this photo, I have to say that I think I looked pretty good yesterday.  If the hint of raccoon eyes - from this summer's time out in the sun - wasn't still so apparent, my make-up would have looked a lot better.  It's hard to see in the photo, but I have on some sparkly yellow eyeshadow that really made my eyes pop.

I felt good with the way I was dressed and with my make-up.  Almost like I was dressing up for a night on the town.  Which, by the way, seemed to be the consensus of the the kiddos in my class.  Several of them made the comment that I looked like I was going to a party...and that I looked very "pretty" in my get-up.  I also received a lot of nice compliments from my co-workers about my hair and make-up.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that I normally don't wear make-up.  Apart from a little bit of eyeshadow and mascara each day, I don't wear anything else on my face.  I also don't really fix my hair.  I'm a wash it, brush it, and go kinda gal.  And getting it to look the way it does in the photo wasn't really that hard, and it did look pretty good.  It just required a lot of hairspray and scrunching.

The best part was that all of the make-up actually stayed on all day.  When I glanced at myself in the mirror at 3PM, my lipstick was still on, and nothing had sweated off or started to look like I'd spent several hours partying it up...which is usually what happens when I wear make-up.  I guess Long Lasting Lip Color is a real thing, and not just a gimmick to get you to buy it.  In fact, my lips were still purdy and pink when I got home around 9PM last night. 

After work, I had to attend a second year teacher meeting.  It's almost like a support group for new teachers that's a requirement in Missouri.  For the first two years, new teachers are assigned mentors and attend meetings a few times a year to check in and make sure we're doing what we're supposed to be doing...and getting the help and support we need.  It doesn't even matter if someone's been teaching for 15 years in another state - the minute they start teaching in Missouri, they are a new teacher and are required to go through the mentor program.

I attended that meeting in my 70s garb, and received quite a few questionable looks.  HA!

It's great that the 2nd year teacher program is run by one of my team members.  I feel a lot more comfortable being that she's in charge at our meetings.  She's also the perfect person to run this type of program, because she is the poster model for what a perfect teacher is.  She's kind, caring, compassionate, and truly loves her students.  And, you never hear her utter a negative word about her kids or the experiences she has in her classroom.  

Which just so happened to be our topic of discussion, last night.  Positivity.  Being positive...even if we're not feeling it.   

It was a great time to bring that topic up.  I definitely haven't been feeling very positive, lately, and it's also not been something I've locked up and kept to myself.  I've vented my frustrations.  I've made it known that I wasn't happy with certain situations that were developing in my room.  I was lucky enough to get those frustrations heard by people that could fix it... but it was also good for me to hear how I should really deal with my negativity.  

It was also brought up that good teachers NEVER yell, use sarcasm, or publicly get on to children (in front of others).  Watching and listening to the group deliver this message made me think that maybe it's time to turn in my resignation.  If those are the three things "good" teachers NEVER do, then I'm in trouble.

Thankfully, the person in charge (my dear team member) brought up a few good points about using the word "never".

She decided to use me as an example, which meant she'd seen the look of concern on my face or just wanted to point something out.  She explained to the entire group that in my classroom, I've taught my kids that my sarcasm is my language of love.  Which may sound weird, but it really is.  My sarcasm is never used to berate or degrade anyone.  It's my way of joking around, making kids laugh, and helping them realize their own mistakes.  In fact, in only eight weeks, my kiddos have already grasped that if I'm not being sarcastic - something's wrong...I'm mad about something.

She also pointed out that if she were to start using sarcasm with her own students, they would feel weird...maybe a little degraded...because she never uses sarcasm, so they don't understand it.  It works for some and not others - and to say that good teachers NEVER use it isn't a fair representation.

I also yell.  Not near as often as I did last year, but every once in a while.  Not a fit throwing, scare the pants off everyone kind of yell.  But, enough to get my point across that I'm not happy.  Something, once again, that my kids are almost used to.  Once again, if she started yelling at her kids - there'd be tears and parents visiting... because she NEVER yells at her kids, and they wouldn't know what to do if she did it.  I've learned, this year, that I'm slowly doing away with the yelling and moving more in to putting on a disappointed voice...that's a lot more effective.  And it's also the tactic used by my team member.  My kids aren't used to it AT ALL and it totally throws them off.  But, in a good way.

As far as publicly berating my kids, I don't do that.  I may tell a child that they're being too loud or to stop calling out when I'm talking.. but that's about it.  They get the point without feeling picked on or overly embarrassed.  If it's an issue that's more serious, then they are dealt with in private.

What I took away from my meeting, last night, is that not all teachers are created equal.  And there can't be the same set of rules for each teacher.  Some things work better for some than others...and it's not a sign of "good" or "bad" if it works for one but not someone else.

After the meeting, I went and watched Peanut play a volleyball game.  They, unfortunately, lost again.. but by the skin of their teeth.  The improvements that the team has made this season has been night and day.  They started off so nervous and unsure of themselves, but they've become warriors on that court.  They just need to work a little more on performing under pressure, and I truly believe that when that happens they'll be unstoppable.

Once the game was over, we rushed off to the Homecoming Parade, loaded our school's float, and rode in the parade.  It was so great to see so many people come out to support their local football team.  Tons of people lined Main Street to catch a glimpse of the spirit that's instilled in to our county.  Very humbling.

Today is the big day:  Homecoming.  

Our theme is to dress up to show our school spirit.  Decked out in our school colors...however that may be.  So, red and black hairspray and nail polish may or may not be a part of my showing my school spirit today.  

I'll snap some pictures and try to remember to snap some of the actual homecoming.

Peanut, Butter, and I will be going to the game.  It's the first homecoming we'll be attending together, and I think it will be a great, fun night out for all of us.  Jelly is going to hang out with Hubby while we're gone... it's just a little too much for her to handle.  Too many people, and getting over too late for her to try and deal with it.  So, I arranged for Hubby to pick her up from school.  The poor baby needs to rest, it's been quite the week.

OK, time for me to run.

Have an AMAZING, spirited Friday!!


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