Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ten Things Saturday

OK, so technically, it's supposed to be Ten Things Thursday.  Something my buddy Draz started ages ago, that I've done a few times.  I noticed that she wrote a Ten Things Friday, so I figured if she can break the can I.  

Anytime I've done a Ten Things Thursday, I've struggled coming up with ten random things to share that I haven't already shared.  But, being that this past week has been such a crazy week, I figure there HAS to be ten things I can share today.  So, we'll see...

1.  Butter is doing well.  If you didn't catch it, he broke his wrist at football practice Wednesday night.  It was quite the ordeal, requiring an emergency procedure to "pop" his growth plate back in to place being that it had been dislodged...and without being fixed, could cause permanent damage.  Since then, he's been staying with my mom.  It's really helped, because she has been able to take care of him while I worked.  He was supposed to come home today, but he's still in so much pain and has so much swelling to his hand, that we've decided he's going to stay there until we can get him back in to see the doctor and get his hard cast put back on.  I'm going out there this afternoon to see him.  Butter and I are both very concerned about him going back to school until his hard cast is put on, because we're terrified it'll get bumped...and that could mean popping the growth plate out again.  Plus, the pain meds knock him he can't exactly go to school if he's unable to take the pain meds or he takes them and then can't stay awake.

2.  We have had a few issues with our new house and water this week.  Anyone that's been around long enough knows that my last house had MAJOR leaking problems.  When it rained, the back window of my living room looked like an indoor water feature.  Rain would run down from the roof and the window in to the house, and then pool up on the floor of the living room.  It was horrible, and one of the last straws that caused us to buy a new house.  

Anywho, a few days ago, the bottom of the shower in my bathroom cracked...meaning we've been down to using one bathroom.  Then, this morning, Hubby noticed water coming out from under the house...indicating a leak from the main water line.  The water problem is under the house, but not something that will be left.  It's getting fixed, today if possible, because I'm not going to be in another house that has issues with leaks.

3.  I was so excited Friday, because I was under the impression that volleyball season was over.  Peanut played in her last game on Thursday, and Friday was the celebratory visit to the college to end the season.  That was wrong.  Tomorrow is actually the final game.  And it's an away game.  So, I'll be driving to Joplin, MO to watch Peanut play for the last time this year.  

4.  Once I get tomorrow evening out of the way, I'll be home free for the rest of the week!  No more practices...unless Butter decides he wants to go to football practice just to watch.  Which he can, it's fine with me.  He will probably miss the game Tuesday night, but I want him to be there for the final game of the season next Tuesday.  In order for him to do that, he has to attend the practices... regardless of whether or not he's actually practicing.  Thursday, I have a doctor's appointment after work and one day this week I will have Jelly's parent teacher conference, but other than that I should be home at a reasonable time each night.

5.  I'm supposed to be going on a field trip on Friday, but if the government is still shut down, there will be no field trip.  That makes me sad.  While the government is busy disagreeing and fighting over their budget, the only people affected are those that are NOT in the government.  Kids suffer because the state park we're supposed to visit is shut down.  It's not fair.  Kids enjoy their field trips, and there's a very good chance that if we don't go - it won't get rescheduled.  Boo!

6.  I'm very excited to get through this week, because next week is Fall Break.  We'll still be in school Monday - Wednesday, but then we're off Thursday and Friday.  Four whole days of being at home.  I'm making it a priority to be smart with staying on top of my work all the way through till next week, so that I'm not spending ANY of my break working.  

7.  Next Monday and Tuesday nights are parent teacher conferences.  That means I'll be at the school until 8:30 each night.  I actually enjoy parent teacher conferences, though, because I get to meet all of the parents.  I have only met a couple of parents since school started, so it's nice to see them all face to face and chat about their kids.  Being that I have another great group of kids, this year, I don't have too many issues to discuss.  For the most part, all of the conferences will be positive and encouraging for the parents.  

8.  I went in to school yesterday and worked for about 4 hours.  It was nice to be all alone and tackle some of the work that has piled up over the week.  The downside was that even after spending 4 hours in my classroom, I barely skimmed the surface of what needed to be done.  I did a bunch of grading, I made sub plans for Tuesday (when I'm gone to another training), I made all of my copies for the week, and yet I wasn't able to even attempt putting together any of the projects I wanted to do.  Four hours flies by in no time, and I left feeling like I hadn't really accomplished much of anything.  I could have easily stayed another 4 hours and probably wouldn't have gotten it all done.  AND, I still ended up bringing some work home with me.  

9.  It felt really nice, last night, to curl up in front of the TV and watch a movie and some TV shows that I've missed this week.  We watched a really stupid movie called Twixt.  Yeah, the movie was just as stupid as the name.  I think I'm going to ground Hubby from picking our Saturday night movie for a while.. because he hasn't done such a great job here lately.  I did get to watch the premiere of American Horror Story: Coven, though.  I LOVE that show.  The first two seasons did NOT disappoint...and were twisted and messed up.  Each week, I counted down the days until I could watch the next one.  I have a feeling this season will be the same.  I love how it's always the same actors playing different parts.  That's one show that won't just collect on the DVR...I'll make time to watch it each week, somehow.

10.  Finally, I really need to get my laundry finished.  I started it yesterday, but didn't get through much of it.  And I really need to do Jelly's laundry and clean her room.  I loathe cleaning my kids' rooms, but thankfully Peanut and Butter are old enough to take care of that themselves.  Jelly is old enough to put her toys away, but she sometimes (always) puts stuff in the wrong place, and stuff just piles up and then she can never find what she's looking for.  Every now and then I just go in there and put everything back where it's supposed to be, just so she can go a few days not being cranky about finding what she's looking for.

And there you go, I got through a Ten Things without having to sit here and think about what I was going to share next.  Just goes to show how much I really have going on in my life.  

But, the laundry isn't going to fold it's self...and if I'm going to finish up my work, do the laundry, get over to see Butter, AND go and do some grocery shopping, I really need to get to getting.

Have a great Sunday!!


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