Wednesday, October 02, 2013

This Tourist is Ready for a Vacation!!

Yesterday was Day 2 of Homecoming Spirit Week, and the theme was Tourist Tuesday.

And guess what I didn't do?  

Yep.  Get a picture of myself.  Totally forgot until I was driving home last night.

Don't be too disappointed.  My dress-up consisted of jean capris, a t-shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and flip flops.  That's it.  Nothing that special at all, really.

Because when I think about going on vacation, that's basically all I wear.  

Ah, vacation.  Wouldn't that be nice?  And yesterday was a day I could have really used one.  

I spent most of my day, yesterday, wearing my heart on my sleeve...and almost breaking in to tears more times than I care to mention.  Which is totally NOT me.  I'm not a very emotional person, so when I'm on the verge of tears...there has to be something major causing it.

The major was lack of sleep, served with a pairing of monthly hormones, with a side of stress.

Fun.  Not.

I've been going pretty much non-stop these past few weeks, with very little down time.  This past weekend was a major strain on my relax time being that Saturday I was up and out by 6:30AM, and then the past two days I haven't been home before 9PM.  

Couple that with those pesky monthly hormones that are visiting me right now.

And then throw in the fact that I'm super stressed with some demands that have been put on me this year in my classroom, that I'm trying everything in my power to stay on top of...but feel like I'm failing.  Miserably.

It all got to be so much that I finally broke down.  Got to that place where I'd just had enough... and when that happens, my mouth starts a flappin' and I'm going to pop off stuff I don't mean or throw my frustrations in the wrong direction.

Thankfully, though, I work with a bunch of people that have come to know me well enough to realize that when my mouth starts going, and tears start springing to my eyes... it's time for an intervention.  Cause I don't just do that kinda stuff willy nilly.  It has to be pretty major or pretty pent up for it to get to that level.

And I wasn't shocked when I saw the email in my inbox yesterday afternoon from Mrs. P asking for me to go and see her.

I don't know why, but anytime I receive an email like that from my principal, I get that "oh no, I'm in trouble" feeling.  Which is very stupid...because I've never received an email like that and actually been in trouble.  If anything, I should be to the point of understanding that when I do receive an email of that nature that it's just a "time for an intervention" email, or "I just have a quick question for you" email.  Because that's what they usually are.

Yesterday's email was of the intervention kind.

After school, I went to see Mrs. P.  And it took a lot to hold back the tears that I'd wanted to let out all day...and actually did let out a couple of times away from co-workers.  And she did what she always does - made me feel better.  

I walked in ready to rip my hair out.  I left thinking "I can do this, I've got this.  I'm a person that loves a challenge...and I am ready to stand up to it".  It always helps when Mrs. P throws in a few compliments and words of encouragement.

In a way, she's my coach.  Waiting on the sidelines, watching me make my plays.  She's ready to correct me when I need correcting, provide ideas when I need ideas, and just give me a friendly pat on the backside when I just need to hear some kudos.  And regardless which one she's doing, she never fails at reminding me that I'm a strong player on the team.  A player that's needed, plays a hard game, and NEVER quits.

All day, yesterday, I made an agreement with myself that once school was out I would lock my classroom door and just let it all out.  Cry.  Sob.  Release the pent up frustration.  

But, after leaving her office, I didn't have to do that.  Instead, it was back to my class and to my mentor teacher (my other coach) for play strategies and a game plan.

Wow, can you tell I've got football on the brain this week?  HA!

Today, I feel much better...and I'm ready to put some new ideas in to effect.  I'm ready to start taking a different look at the challenges I've been dealing with and face them head on.  No more crying.  No more getting all stressed out.  I was reminded yesterday that I was the one to ask for these challenges in the first place...and sometimes you just have to be careful what you wish for.

But, they're right.  I kinda sorta did ask for these challenges, so it's only right that I stand up and do what I totally intend on doing.  I truly believe I can work miracles and change the lives of 25 kids.  Nobody gets left behind.  Nobody gets to slip through the cracks.  Nobody gets to slack off in my room and feed me excuses that they "can't".  "Can't" is a word I've banned in my room... so I darned well better apply that to myself!

It's fitting that with my newfound confidence comes Wacky Wednesday.  Dress up as Wacky as possible.

I'm less than 5 minutes away from starting that process...and I have no idea what that process is going to end up like.  But, I PROMISE to get pictures today.  I'm sure they're going to be awesome.  HA!

Alright, time to go...

Have an AWESOME Wednesday...and may it be just a little Wacky, or a lot Wacky if you're lucky enough to work where I do.  


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