Saturday, October 12, 2013

Never Too Early to Think About College

This picture was taken from my seat, last night, from the University of Arkansas volleyball game.

Peanut and I, along with her entire volleyball team, went to watch a college volleyball game so that the girls could get a glimpse of what their future could be like if they chose to continue their volleyball careers.

I enjoyed it, because I got to tell all of the girls that this was the college I graduated from, and even though I went to a satellite school, I am loyal to my Lady Razorbacks.

In the past couple of years, I've been to many volleyball games.  All at the junior high level, except one high school game Peanut and I went to watch.  And I can say that, without a doubt, college ball is NOTHING like volleyball at the junior high or high school levels.  The entire evening was a full show, complete with music, cheerleaders, contests, a half time, and announcers. 

College ball is played with four sets instead of two.  There's a half time in between two of the sets.  Instead of getting quiet when the opposing team served, there was loud banter and yells from the band and spectators.  The players dive and slide and hit harder than I've ever seen before in my life.

And the whole time I was thinking to myself, THIS is what these girls need.  To get excited about what their future held, to start thinking about their plans of attending college, regardless of whether or not they know what they want to be "when they grow up", it's never too early to start thinking about it.

I know some parents want their children to attend the best colleges and universities.  And, while I'd love for my child to want to attend somewhere like Harvard or Princeton...I have absolutely NO problem with any of my children wanting to attend a state school - like the University of Arkansas.  It's where I went, and I turned out OK.

I didn't get to have the traditional college experience.  Meaning going off to college, living in a dorm, being a part of sports, clubs, organizations, etc.  When I went to college, I already had a family and had to schedule my classes to fit around working and taking care of them.  I lived in a house, drove to school every day, and did what I could to get my school work done.

If my kids choose to go to college, I would love for it to be the "real deal" for them.  For them to really take in everything going to college has to offer.  Because I truly believe that those kinds of experiences help mold and shape the kids for their future.  

Anywho, this post isn't about me or my kids going to college, it's about last night's volleyball game.

The entire game was full of action, edge of the seat excitement.  I expected long, drawn out volleying back and forth between the teams.  Instead, points were given fast.  Super fast.  A team would serve, the opposing team would SMASH it back, point scored.  Or, the other team would make a dive for the ball, recover it, and then smash it back to the serving team for a point.  Even though the game lasted two hours, it felt like it went by in no time.

During the game, Big Red (the Arkansas mascot) came over to visit with the girls.  We all took turns having our pictures made...


The poor guy inside that costume could barely hold his razorback head up.  And yes, I am wearing my Arkansas shirt.  I bought Peanut a Razorback shirt while we were there, so she can now sport a Razorback shirt with pride.

All in all, it was a great night of fun.  It didn't matter that I was exhausted or how long the week had been.  It was awesome that Peanut and I got to spend some quality time together doing something she really enjoys.  

We made it home around 11PM last night, and I went straight to bed.  I had already decided that I'd get up today and go to work for a few hours in my classroom.  I didn't realize that I wouldn't wake up until 11:30 this morning.  But, I'm not in the least bit surprised.  I needed to catch up on some sleep, that's for sure.

Now, it's time for me to go jump in the shower and head out for some time in my classroom.  I have to say I'm actually looking forward to it.  I've got STACKS of grading waiting for me when I get there, and I also plan on getting some projects up and running that have been waiting for their chance to shine.  

I have no idea how long I'll be there, but it'll be nice to be there alone, with nothing but my music to keep me company.

OK, I really need to get to getting..

Have a great Saturday, everyone!!


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