Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Royal Treatment


I'm pretty sure every girl grows up with the vision of a fairy tale life in their head.  They watch enough Disney movies to picture their prince charming riding in to save them from the clutches of the evil queen, and then riding off in to the sunset to live happily ever after.

I know I had that fantasy, once upon a time.

And while I've never witnessed a single Prince Charming ride in on a valiant steed, I've had my share of Charming prospects who have rescued me from the clutches of evil, or should I say the clutches of loneliness.  They've helped me battle some demons, and they've helped me find some happiness, but then eventually something happens that makes the Charming prospect disappear.  

What I realized last night, though, is that I am no damsel in distress.  I'm not a helpless princess that needs rescuing.  I'm not interested in Prince Charming, because I've had my sights on a bigger picture.  This girl doesn't want to be a princess, she's ready to be a QUEEN.

Yesterday had been a very tough day for me, and usually I deal with those types of days on my own. But, when I called out for help, I was swooped up and shown that I'm not driving a one-way street.  My problems matter, and it was time someone was there for me just as much as I am for them.  I was able to laugh like I haven't laughed in a while.  I got to act silly, goof around, have a great time, and leave my problems in the wind.  I truly felt like I was being treated like a queen, and I probably can't do any justice with my words to explain what that felt like.

In my opinion, a queen is a position of power.  They stand by their king's side with loyalty.  They will do everything in their power to be there and support their king, no matter what.  And a true king will treat his queen as his partner, the person he confides in, and the person he entrusts with true honesty.  Even if that honesty is upsetting or painfully brutal.  He doesn't hide things from her, because she's not stupid.  She would much rather be informed than to be kept in the dark, and a true king will understand that and respect that.  Sometimes it's better to be hurt once with the truth than hurt doubly with a lie.  He will also care about her thoughts, her feelings, and be there for her just as much as she is there for him.  

That's what I'm looking for!

I have questioned many things the past couple of months.  I've questioned who I am, I've questioned my purpose, and I've questioned my ability to stay strong.  But, I continued to keep my head above water, and I managed to make it out with only a few battle scars that have made me much stronger.  I am far from finished with my quest to happiness, but last night rebuilt the dangling thread of hope.  It is no longer a tiny string, but has multiplied in to a rope.  I can now hold on, and it can now support me.  

I am quite certain that I still have many battles to fight.  The war is far from over.  But last night, I was able to claim a solid victory that has given me a new outlook on my plans moving forward.  And I was given the reinforcement of hearing that I deserve to be a queen.  I deserve to be treated like one, I deserve to act like one, and I deserve a king.  I don't need any Prince Charming, I need no knight in shining armor... I don't need to be rescued.  

I am strong.  I am powerful.  I am loyal.  

My potential deserves to be realized.  My worth deserves to be understood.  My ability to handle the toughest of situations has to be accepted.  

Life isn't about living a fairy tale that's been written a thousand times.  It's about writing your own story.  There's going to be twists and turns on every page.  There's going to be happiness, sadness, heart break and true love.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, but each page has yet to be written.  I have some power how my story unfolds, and I believe that now.  I don't have to sit back and wait for my story to be read to me.  It's time I became the author and started writing my own story.

And I'm excited and ready to write the next chapter.

Have an awesome day, everyone!!


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